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Cliffdale Primary School


Class Teacher: Paula Etherington

Welcome to Seal Class one of the early years classes here at Cliffdale Primary Academy.

Autumn 2021

We are a class of 6 Year R children, who enjoy a sensory approach the curriculum.

We all like watching water squirting during bucket time, finding things in shredded paper and jumping in puddles!

Our topic this term is ‘Time to Rhyme’, and our first Nursery rhyme has been ‘I Can Sing A Rainbow’. All of the children have shown fascination when watching skittles (sweets) fall onto a drum or watching paint being squirted from a height whilst listening to the song.

All of Seal Class settled well and quickly on the first day, even though some children had never been here before! Everyone who visits Seal Class says how lovely and calm it is in there.

The class have been focusing on learning a new daily routine and when the ‘Tidy up’ song comes on the children all go to their chairs and sit down.  We haven’t quite mastered the tidy up bit yet!

Seal Class have had lots of fun exploring the school; playtime, with the play park and trampoline are a firm favorite. They can’t wait until they start full time - think of all the things that can be achieved being at school all day!

Spring 2022

Seal Class have had a very cold start to the term, we have been learning about snow and ice!

We have been making marks in flour and watching it fall like snow!

Everyone has been sitting really well during bucket time, watching jumping snowmen and flour shake with great interest.

Wednesday was our first trip out on the school bus. We went to the gym and had a fantastic time climbing, jumping and running about exploring the new environment.

We are all practicing our dressing and undressing skills to change into our gym kits with the help of staff and visual support.

Well done Seal Class!