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Cliffdale Primary School

Early Years Topic Launch Day Spring 2022

The Early Years topic for this term is “Are we there yet?”

There was great excitement on Topic Launch Day as all the children were involved in some very exciting transport themed activities which were set up in different areas around the school and outside  areas. The children spent time thinking about what travels on land, sea and in the air.

Children worked well together while exploring land transport. They had lots of fun investigating remote-control cars, especially trying to follow the arrows and the cars kept crashing into the bricks! Amelia was very interested in the cars and spent a long time   trying to work out how to make the wheels turn.

Children had great fun making their own trains and pushing and pulling them along the track. The theme of land transport was continued outside, where the children enjoyed riding different bikes around the MUGA.

Making traffic light biscuits in the Messy Room was a firm favourite, The children read and followed the symbol instructions to make the biscuits, making sure to put the coloured sweets on in the right order. Very few biscuits made it home as the children were eager to eat their creations.

Different types of boats were explored in the playground, Hayden was very busy and made his own boat while Jools peered through the telescope to see who he could see!

All in all, a great day was had by all and the children are looking forward to learning more about the different types of transport and how they move.