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Cliffdale Primary School

Chinese New Year

Across the school, many classes have been taking part and enjoying a range of Chinese New Year activities.

This year is the Year of the Tiger, so it was no surprise that Tiger Class were particularly excited to find out more. They had great fun receiving red envelopes containing money which symbolise good fortune and they independently made Chinese lanterns with red shiny paper.

Wayne from Kangaroo Class decorated his lantern using potato printing and Otis enjoyed using playdoh to make a long Chinese dragon.

Leopard Class had a go at trying some Chinese food. They sniffed and touched some noodles but no-one was brave enough to try them!

Over at Early Years, Harrison and Jools had a great time using chopsticks and tasting the noodles, The food theme continued into Friday’s assembly where each class got to try prawn crackers and were able to communicate whether they liked them or not—it seemed about 50/50!

Everyone learned how to say Happy New Year in Chinese—”Kung hei fat choi”