Upper School Topic Launch Day

Upper School Topic Launch Day

A new term and a new topic!

A new term and a new topic! This term in Upper School we are learning about Portsmouth! Our topic is called ‘Made in Portsmouth’ and we will be learning all about things we can do, shops we can visit, the seaside and the coast. We will look at the buildings in Portsmouth and see how people travel around. Each class wanted to share their favourite part of our topic launch day, each class participated in serval different activities all with a Portsmouth theme! These included visiting the MUGA and playing football, decorating a Portsmouth crest in blue paper and exploring Southsea seafront in tuff trays!

Gorilla Class had an a amazing Topic Launch Day, looking for specific items in the environmental area, painted the Portsmouth crest and made a 3D house from boxes.

Orangutan Class really enjoyed exploring all of the sensory trays in the seaside and coast room, we built lots of sandcastles and tried to catch fish with a net in the water.

Alpaca Class loved Topic Launch Day. The children particularly enjoyed the ‘seaside’ room where they made sandcastles, used nets to get fish out of the water and even got creative by painting pebbles and used them to mark make on paper.

Flamingo Class loved exploring the environmental area and playing football on the MUGA. They also enjoyed building a city with junk modelling and naming the city Flamingo Portsmouth.

Zebra Class had a wonderful time during our topic launch day, we designed and made a Pompey emblem, constructed a city scene using junk modelling and best of all we each made ourselves an ice-cream to sit and enjoy in the sunshine.

Leopard Class thoroughly enjoyed our topic launch day. They went around and got a taster of what the topic will be about. Their favourite was transport, where they were able to take turns on the cars and the bikes. They all enjoyed contributing to the group art. They can’t wait to learn more!

Crocodile Class enjoyed having ‘fun in the sun’ in the environmental area as they experienced lying in a hammock and trying to swing on different types of swings. There was a lot of turn-taking and sharing and everyone was very happy! Discussion was had about what types of activities we can do in Portsmouth. A group of children were very excited to design and build the dockyard using recycled materials, mostly boxes. A firm favourite however was role playing flying in an aeroplane and being served juice and biscuits by very gorgeous cabin crew!

We look forward to sharing more of our topic learning with you this term.