Upper School Topic Launch Day

Upper School Topic Launch Day

This term, Upper School’s topic is called ‘Batteries Not Included’.

This term, Upper School’s topic is called ‘Batteries Not Included’. We will be learning about forces and movement, light and dark, space, toys and electricity.  Everyone enjoyed a fantastic topic launch day with a huge range of different activities to get everyone thinking about the new topic.

Leopard Class loved going into the hall with the dark tents and looking at the different coloured lights! They enjoyed exploring different filters on the torch to change the colour. Gorilla class enjoyed exploring light and dark areas in the hall; using torches, hiding in blackout tents and watching the materials around them change colour as the lights around the hall changed colour too. Alpaca Class also enjoyed playing in the dark and were particularly good at making shadows on the wall in the different lights.

Zebra Class learnt how to make toast and a hot chocolate in the cookery room and more importantly, how to do this safely using electrical equipment! Orangutan and Flamingo really enjoyed exploring the toys; they investigated ones with batteries and ones without.  The favourite across both classes was definitely the remote control car.

Lion and Elephant Class enjoyed exploring forces outside in the MUGA including pushes and pulls, before the rain came down! Taking turns they were able to generate the swing needed to turn the long rope while their friend jumped in the middle.