Team Day

Team Day

Team Day this term saw everyone preparing for and enjoying a party...

Team Day this term saw everyone preparing for and enjoying a party.  At the start of the day, upper and lower school teams begun the preparations by making decorations, party hats, party food and making invitations.  Once everything was ready, upper and lower school teams came together to have team coloured party.  The red team enjoyed jam sandwiches and red iced biscuits together.  Purple team played a few party games, musical chairs seemed the most popular.  Everyone wore their party hats to the yellow team party and practiced their team chant.  Green team sat all together in a big circle and played pass-the-parcel.  Zebra class even played colour themed games out on the lake whilst kayaking; throwing and catching team colour balls, luckily no one fell in!

The party ‘vibe’ continued into assembly with teams sitting together in the hall.  Each team sung their team chat as loud as they could and included a special action for everyone to follow.  During assembly the party games came into their own.  Upper school pupils from red and green teams, raced to pass the balloon along the line up above their heads and under their legs all the way to the end.  It was ten points to the winning team!  Lower school purple and yellow teams also played a balloon game, instead they passed two balloons around the circle and the first team to complete the challenge won ten points.  All pupils had a turn at playing musical spots and it got quite competitive!  As always the team points were added up at the end of assembly and once again it was the purple team with most points.  Come on red, yellow and green teams, you can do it, sports day is just around the corner!