Team Day 2021

Team Day 2021

Team Day Fun!

This terms Team Day was a little bit different since we're still in lockdown and many children were learning at home.  However, this didn’t stop anyone and lots of children joined in from home and in school! 

Team Day was full of challenges, four to be precise!  The first was a Physical Challenge, which lots of pupils at home and at school joined in.  There were a range of activities the children tried; hopping, running, rolling balls and Annie even went on a treadmill - winning points for the Green team! 

There was an Outside Challenge, to encourage everyone to get outdoors for some fresh air.  The challenge was to find some interesting natural objects, spot some wildlife or simply play outside.  Elijah spotted a squirrel and Georgia-Rose found a big stick! 

During the Team Day Friday assembly, Beth and Elizabeth used the things they had found in the environmental area, to complete the next challenge.  They used sticks, leaves and grass, dipping them into paint and they drew around leaves with crayons for the Arty Challenge.  This was a very popular challenge for everyone at school and at home.  There were lots of excellent pictures drawn of their favourite people and colouring in too. For the Yellow team, Zakk B did some amazing colouring in of a super hero and for the Purple team, Zac C coloured in pictures with his sister.  

The final challenge was all about being kind and helpful.  In assembly, Nicola and Beth helped Elizabeth to tidy and clean the music room after the mess that had been made during the Arty Challenge.  There was sweeping, cleaning the tables and tidying away all the materials.  The list of helpful things the pupils at Cliffdale have been doing is amazing!  Team points were awarded for making the bed, loading the washing machine, making a drink for someone, doing the washing up, tidying away the toys and laying the table.  Wow! What a lot of kind pupils there are at Cliffdale!

Team day ended with a round up of all the team points that had been awarded and as always, there was great anticipation to see which team would now be in first place.  

In 4th place with 146 points was the Yellow team, earning another 105 points that day was the Green team, making them 3rd place. 

Who was it going to be in 1st place today?! Purple or Red Team….with a grand total of 169 points, it’s the PURPLE TEAM!  Well done, Purple team!