Team Day 2020

Team Day 2020

This terms ‘Team Day’ was a busy one!

This terms ‘Team Day’ was a busy one!  Each team had to design and decorate a team colour flag which could be used for future team days and our upcoming summer sports day. 

The day consisted of 3 different activities.  Firstly, teams got to design and create their own flags in their classrooms.  Some classes were extremely creative and embraced their artistic streak, whilst others enjoyed colouring in flag templates.  Other activities took place in the hall, where teams got together to play games including musical spots and passing the balloon over their head to the person behind them!

Teams were awarded points for finishing first and for showing great sporting spirit.  Lastly, each team had a different room in the school to go to, to decorate a large flag.  They could use a variety of collage materials to stick onto the flag template or use paints, crayons and pens to colour it in.  The flags all looked amazing and looked very different from each other.

Whole school assembly finished off the day with everyone sitting in their team colours.  Everyone got to show the flags they had had made in classes and a few were short listed to come to the front and hold them up, for everyone to see.  Then 1st, 2nd and 3rd places were chosen for each team and the flags were displayed at the front of the hall.

The choir did a wonderful job in assembly, helping each team out with their chants, they also sung some very special songs, including Harmony Blues as everyone came in and out of the hall.  By the end of the day each team had earnt lots more points but it’s still Yellow Team in the lead at the moment this year!