Team Day 2020 - Part 1

Team Day 2020 - Part 1

A fabulous first team day of the new year was enjoyed by all.

There were lots of opportunities for new children to the school, to learn what colour team they are in and who else is in their team.  Everyone wore their team colour t-shirts and some even went beyond that, wearing a whole coloured outfit! 

Every class took part in a wide range of colour activities, which was also a great chance for lots of pupils to learn about different colours.  Several classes played colour sorting games, including throwing beanbags into the matching coloured hoops or baskets.  Another class hunted around the school looking for their own team coloured objects, they went exploring in the environmental area and found natural objects of different colours, green won, plenty of leaves!  Orangutan class had a great time making and observing sensory bottles in different colours and Leopard class loved an Attention Bucket session, watching coloured bubbles pop!  There was also plenty of painting and colouring in each team colour.

Of course, the first team day of the year wouldn’t be complete without the announcement of our new Team Captains, in our socially distance assembly!  As always there was a great deal of anticipation from the children in Year 6 wondering who it was going to be this year!  The captains for the year are as follows:

Yellow Team: Raian and Brandon

Purple Team: Zac and Jack

Red Team: Ben and Nasir

Green Team: Dawud and Daisy 

Each child was so surprised, proud and extremely excited, to achieve such a sought after position at Cliffdale; everyone cheered and clapped for them!