Cliffdale Sports Day 2019

Cliffdale Sports Day 2019

Cliffdale Sports Day 2019 was held on 26th June and was a huge success

Cliffdale Sports Day 2019 was held on 26th June and was a huge success, full of first time achievements for many children.  Everyone had a fantastic day and we were joined by a huge number of our families, some of them came in groups of 3s and 4s to join in the fun and stayed for the whole day!  Everyone looked fantastic in their Team coloured t-shirts as they set off out of the back gate to the large playing field at our neighbouring school Mayfield.

During the morning the pupils stayed with their class group as they worked their way around seven different activity stations including water relays, javelin, sensory treasure hunts, basketball, beanbag throw and archery to name but a few! Pupils scored points for their team, which they eagerly gave into the admin team on the score desk, everyone keen to be the winning team this year!

After all the excitement of the morning we had a picnic on the field, shared with our families, which is such a lovely thing to do for everyone.

The afternoon was packed with track events such as the egg & spoon race, the obstacle race and the favourite of them all, the sprints!  Stickers and points were awarded to the winners and the runners up, all adding to the morning total.  Families and staff cheered all the children on as they raced for the glory of first place.

When the children had finished their races we let the adults have a turn!  The children cheered this time as they watched mums, aunties and nans run down the track, followed by the dads, uncles and grandads!  The ever popular staff race was also run right at the end, much to everyone’s delight!

To help cool everyone down at the end of a very exciting and energetic afternoon we all enjoyed an ice pop, whilst the total points for the whole days competition were calculated.

The ‘Sports Day Winners 2019 were the GREEN TEAM!’  The Green Team Captains Keeleigh and Mazin were super excited and proudly collected the Sports Day Cup on behalf of their team.  Well done to the Green Team and to all of the pupils in the other teams for trying their very best.

Well done Cliffdale, a fantastic time was had by all!