RE Day 2 Bhodi

RE Day 2 Bhodi

Bhodi Day is a time when Buddhists celebrate the teachings of Buddha.

The children listened to and watched interactive stories about Prince Siddharta Gautama who later became Buddha, after sitting under a Bhodi Tree for 49 days!

The children learnt that Buddha said that people must be kind and loving and the World must be a peaceful place.

The Bodhi tree is a fig tree with heart shaped leaves. Children completed many different activities linked to the Bhodi tree – they painted silhouette pictures of Buddha sitting under the tree; they made a large Bhodi tree, decorating it with coloured paper heart shaped leaves and a Happy Bhodi Day poster.  Children tasted figs and fig roll. Some children loved figs, but the fig roll was more popular.

Buddhists start Bhodi Day with a bowl of rice and milk because this was given to Buddha after his 49 days of meditating. Our children started the day with rice pudding; some children were not too sure about the texture of it!  Classes made heart shaped biscuits because this is also something that is done during this festival and then decorated them.

Children were encouraged to think about what makes a person good. Some children made posters about other children in their class reflecting on what makes each child good.

Bhodi Day is a very mindful day and lots of meditation takes place. Children sat in a darkened room with relaxing music playing and candles burning, thinking about love. It was a wonderfully peaceful time.