New Year, New Friends

New Year, New Friends

What a brilliant start to the new academic year we have had!

What a brilliant start to the new academic year we have had!  We have welcomed 51 new children into the school, increased our age range to include nursery aged pupils and now have all of our Early Years pupils together on the Early Years site – formerly Willows.

The pupils have all settled really well into school, learning the new routines and structures of the day.  Almost all pupils in the school are in a new class this year and we are delighted to have moved properly into our six new classrooms in our new building.  The school council gave them their names (Racoon, Meerkat, Flamingo, Alpaca, Orangutan and Leopard) and everyone is having fun trying to remember where all the new classes are!

Each department has started their topic with a brilliant shared ‘Topic Launch Day,’ which brings all of the classes together for lots of fun activities.  Early Years are learning all about themselves in their topic ‘All about Me’.  Lower School are learning about their bodies in their topic ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ and Upper School are learning all about our wonderful city of Portsmouth in their topic ‘Made in Portsmouth’.

Every Friday afternoon the whole school on the main site, come together for an assembly…it’s always great fun!  We have a theme to think about each week, we sing our favourite songs, play some games and have a dance; sometimes we even have things to touch, taste or feel!  Our first assembly of the new school year was all about ‘friends’; new friends and old friends; things we can do with our friends and how to be kind to our friends.  Everyone found a friend and we played games like ‘duck, duck, goose’, played music together, danced together, sang together and shared biscuits together!  At the end of assembly everyone went to find their friend; some friends had a hug they were so happy to be together!  What a great way to start the new school year!