Ready, Steady, Go!

Ready, Steady, Go!

Throughout the term children will be learning about force and resistance whilst exploring different modes of transport.

The Lower School topic for the Summer term is called ‘Ready, Steady, Go!’ Throughout the term children will be learning about force and resistance whilst exploring different modes of transport. 

There was great excitement on Topic Launch Day, as not only were the children involved in some very exciting activities, they were also able to do the activities with other classes and move around school!  Lower School made full use of this exciting opportunity and different areas around the school were set up with a variety of transport themed activities. The children spent time thinking about what travels on land, sea and in the air.

Children worked well together while exploring land transport.  They had lots of fun investigating remote control cars, especially when crashing them into the goal posts!  Theo was very interested in the remote control cars and was able to start and stop the car using the controller.  While Milena had fun making his own train and pushing and pulling it along the track.  Continuing with the theme of land transport, Orangutan Class particularly enjoyed riding bikes in the MUGA with their friends from Alpaca class.

Making ‘Traffic Light biscuits’ in the Cookery Room was a firm favourite.  The children in Flamingo Class read and followed the symbol instructions to make the biscuits, making sure to put the coloured sweets on in the right order.

While exploring boats in the water trays the children investigated which materials would float and which would sink in the water. They also experimented to find out how to make the boats move.  Tom had great fun pretending to steer the boat in Monkey Class outside area.

Air travel was a favourite in Racoon Class especially at Bucket Time, during which they managed to launch a rocket!  T.J and Giorgia- Rose enjoyed making their own rocket during Stage 4 of Bucket Time.  Throughout Lower School, the children were interested in creating air using the parachute in time to music.

All in all, a great day was had by all and the children are looking forward to learning more about the different modes of transport and the forces that help them to move.