Lower School Topic Launch

Lower School Topic Launch

The new topic for the autumn term in Lower School was launched in true Cliffdale fashion.

It was creative, fun and inspiring!  It was such a motivating day and got everyone engaged in the topic - ‘Secret Garden’! 


Every inch of the school was used to explore all the new mini topic themes.  Obviously, the environmental area was very busy with bug hunts where pupils used magnifying glasses and sheets to check off what they had found.  Lots of insects and mini beasts were found including worms, beetles, spiders and a newt!  Also outside was a Mud Kitchen, this was a chance for everyone to get really messy!  Everyone had fun filling and emptying different sized containers, making yukky mixtures with mud, water and leaves and generally having fun digging around in the dirt!


In the hall, some physical activities had been set up.  Classes had to build the tallest beanstalk using crates and the Bean Game was played.  This game involved an action being performed each time a different type of bean was called out and a big symbol shown for visual support.  For example “string bean” - everyone stood tall and straight; “jumping bean” - jump on the spot and the most popular “runner bean”, everyone ran around the hall filled with excitement!!


Of course, topic launch day would not complete without a cooking activity!  Chocolate Angel delight was made by following visual instructions and put into some small pots along with some iced flowers, understandably these were devoured by most!  There is also the hope that everyone likes cress, as every pupil planted cress seeds to watch them grow over the coming term!