Lower School Topic Launch Day

Lower School Topic Launch Day

Once Upon a Time at Cliffdale Primary Academy…

Once Upon a Time at Cliffdale Primary Academy… the children in lower school were launched into their spring term topic by being immersed in a range of Traditional Tales and nursery rhymes. Every class visited different areas of the school which were set up to retell various parts of some of our favourite stories. Over the course of the term the children will be learning about Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Three Little Pigs, Incy Wincy Spider and The Grand Old Duke of York. The children are going to learn to retell the stories using objects and symbols and join in with actions to the rhymes. They will also be faced with some challenges that they are going to have to try and solve, like trying to fix Baby Bear’s broken chair and investigating how they can stop Humpty Dumpty from breaking!

Monkey class really made the most of their time in the Art room. We particularly enjoyed the printing activity. We dipped, snipped cardboard tubes into our chosen colour of paint and made terrific spider prints over a very large page.

Panda class had a very busy time making sandwiches for Little Red Riding Hood to take on her journey to Grandmas house. We made sandwiches and showed preferences by choosing which filling we wanted in the sandwich - jam or cheese? We followed a schedule so we knew the order to make a sandwich and used the knife by ourselves to spread the fillings and cut into rectangles and squares.  

Hippo class worked hard in music to practice ‘huffing and puffing’ like the big bad wolf in the ‘Three Little Pigs.’ We blew scarves, feathers and bubbles in different ways and communicated our preferences by choosing which we liked the most.

Kangaroo class joined in with retelling the story of ‘Three Billy Goats Gruff’ by travelling over a range of bridges in the hall and making our own out of construction. We had to climb up, over and across to get to the other side; luckily there wasn’t a scary troll hiding underneath!

Racoon class enjoyed retelling the rhyme of Incy Wincy Spider in the Art Room. We found lots of spiders hiding in spaghetti webs, and used tweezers to free them! We then sung the rhyme of Incy Wincy and investigated how to make the spiders go down the drain pipes.

Meerkat class loved exploring the Goldilocks role play room. We made porridge for Daddy Bear, Mummy Bear and Baby Bear and were able to use phrases from the story in our play. Annie said “My porridge is just right, I’ll eat it all up”. In fact we all liked the role play area so much we’ve made one in our classroom!

We look forward to sharing much more of our topic learning with you throughout the term.