Kayaking Fun!

Kayaking Fun!

This half term Racoon, Alpaca, Meerkat and Lion class took to water like ducks as they went kayaking!

They had lots of fun and gained in confidence as they developed their skills through playing games, splashing and enjoying leisurely trips around the lake on calm sunny days!

Lion Class absolutely loved kayaking! They learnt how to put on a life jacket and how keep safe whilst in the kayak. The children learnt how to move forward by keeping the blade of the paddle in the water and then moving it from ‘knees to hips’. Some of the children also learnt how to steer the kayak by changing the direction of the paddles. They played lots of team games in the kayaks, collecting balls and ducks, all the while practicing their communication skills.

For many of Meerkat Class this was their first time out on the water! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Some of the children played wildlife bingo, others made collections of the flowers and grasses from along the riverbank. Most of all the children enjoyed pushing the paddles into the lake and watching them float up to the surface…and of course splashing about!

Alpaca class were fabulous at kayaking! They loved the game which involved paddling about the lake searching and collecting rubber ducks; each team was very competitive!  They had lots of children who wanted to go into the water so as the sun was shining one day, they went for it! Alpaca class love watching their GoPro videos back to remind themselves of all fun they had!

Racoon Class particularly enjoyed kayaking but the whole class water fight between two kayaks was definitely one of the favourite days!  It all started with a little splash but soon enough all the children were using their paddles to fling water at the other kayak!  Lots of laughter and huge beaming smiles all round, everyone got very wet, but they had lots of fun!

No matter whether it rained or shined all the children had a fantastic time kayaking and developed confidence and skills in the water- well done everyone!!!