Forest School

Forest School

This spring, Forest school has seen Lion, Panda, Kangaroo and Giraffe classes all going out once a week.

Lion class have had a great time building dens. First they had to decide where the best place was and whether the tree they found would support a den. Issy, Daan-Nai and Charlie went looking to see what they could find. The challenge was to work as a team, helping each other find suitable branches and logs and then working together to move them. The children demonstrated great teamwork and communication skills and there were a couple of emerging leaders too!

Panda class have been getting used to the new environment, finding different ways to explore and learning to touch woodland objects. Luke and Ismah had a go at adding sticks to a den. Ronnie wanted to try and swing like a monkey from a tree! Flyn likes to take his time in the forest, getting down low and observing things closely.

Kangaroo class have been exploring too; trying their hand at crossing tricky obstacles like a big log bridge! Alex and Macie decided that sitting on it and pulling themselves along was the best way to tackle it. Amjet and Keira demonstrated fantastic balancing skills and managed to walk across it! It was great to see such wonderful problem solving.

In Giraffe class the children have seen great changes in the weather, with heavy frosts and rain too. The frost gave them the opportunity to do some stick writing with Kruz copying a pattern in the frost. Bailey and Ryan were fascinated by the ice and even held it briefly, both of them said ‘Cold’ and ‘Winter.’ Connie found a frosty leaf and later on used a twig to make marks on that too.

All in all, the forest school is taking the children on a wonderful learning journey, through changing seasons, with plenty of challenges and opportunities to explore.