Easter RE Day

Easter RE Day

Learning and celebrating Easter

On Monday 29th April the children at Cliffdale main site joined in with learning about and celebrating Easter. There were a range of Easter themed activities for each class to take part in and fun was had by all!

Classes started by reading the Easter story together and then having a go at sequencing and retelling it. In Flamingo Class the children took turns to sequence and retell the story using story cards. Their understanding of the story was fantastic! In Zebra class they decided to make ‘Story wheels’, decorating a retelling of the story and painting a ‘stone’ to cover, spin and reveal the Easter story!  Meanwhile Gorilla Class showed off their fantastic reading skills with a whole book of the story! Wow!

One of the favourite activities across the school had to be making Easter stained glass windows, with children all the way from Panda Class to Crocodile Class taking part in the activity. As you walked around school on Monday afternoon there was colourful stained-glass artwork shining at you from all angles! Children and staff alike were amazed with the quality of work produced throughout the school and the different shaped windows cut out by each class.

Another popular activity was an Easter Story themed ‘bucket time’ session. Children watched with amazement as staff painted and revealed rainbow crosses, and lots of the children also contributed to a collaborative cross shaped artwork piece.

No special event can be complete without a bit of food tasting! And what better for an Easter day than hot crossed buns! The sweet smell of over 100 hot crossed buns wafted through the corridors as children enjoyed tasting, preparing and spreading hot cross buns with jam and butter. A hit all round! A few classes went one step further and had a go at baking Easter biscuits, a delicious treat enjoyed by all!

We hope you enjoy these lovely, bright photos of a fun day all round!