Crocodile Class and The Great Fire of London

Crocodile Class and The Great Fire of London

The Great Fire of London

Children in Crocodile class have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Great Fire of London this term. They initially watched a video that explained how the fire happened from a child’s perspective. Every child in the class participated as we watched it during a live home learning session. After that we read a non-fiction book about the fire and were then able to sequence the events of that evening using words and pictures. We discussed how the fire started and why it spread so fiercely. Children were given the opportunity to make their own bread and successfully made bread rolls which they took home to share with their families.

The highlight of their learning was making Tudor style houses out of junk modelling and then conducting a science experiment outdoors. Children had to make a prediction as to whether their cardboard Tudor houses would all burn if they were distanced apart or if they needed to be close together for the fire to spread. Forest Fran joined us for the experiment, we lit one house to begin with and watched it start to smolder.  It then burst into flames, it didn’t spread to the other houses though as they were initially all placed away from each other. We then moved the houses close together, lit the fire again and the children couldn’t quite believe how quickly the houses burned. The questions and answers that were discussed amongst the children was incredible and really demonstrated their understanding of the Fire of London events. Well done Crocodile class!