Christmas Show 2020

Christmas Show 2020

A Typical Crazy Cliffdale Christmas


‘A Typical Crazy Cliffdale Christmas’ – Cliffdale Primary Academy’s virtual Christmas show for 2020 retold the Christmas story through music, singing, acting and dancing.

Being all created, rehearsed and filmed in the Music Room brought new experiences for everyone – children and staff!  Just one session to learn about roles including song lyrics, signing, acting, dancing and so forth, and simply one further session to film it resulted in lots of fun and laughter (as well as hard work!).  

Opening the show as carol singers, Zebra and Leopard classes learnt a new jazzy version of ‘Deck The Halls With Boughs Of Holly’ - all about Cliffdale!

The Christmas spirit was then mixed with a Caribbean vibe by Lion and Orangutan classes excitedly wearing grass skirts and oversized sunglasses! Shimmering and shaking hips proved to be popular dance moves whilst shaking sparkly maracas and drumming junk percussion.

Donkeys travelled through the Music Room next with the help of Monkey and Panda classes.  Of course, they were clever donkeys who played Boomwhackers – all while leading the way for Mary and Joseph!

Following the donkeys, lots and lots of people searched for a room in Bethlehem.  Sadly, despite knocking loudly with claves, Giraffe and Gorilla classes were out of luck at The Cliffdale Inn, The Primany B&B and The Academy Arms – all full!

However, with the help of all the animals in Racoon class, Mary and Joseph found a stable to rest in; they sang and signed to help Mary to relax.

A king had been born!  So Crocodile and Alpaca classes celebrated by throwing a party with lots of presents, singing and dancing.

Angels (AKA Tiger Class) also magically appeared and danced with balls of light, strips of silver and gold windchimes.

All of the shepherds and sheep (Elephant, Hippo and Kangaroo classes) were very happy about the news of a special baby boy too; they danced and jumped all over the hills whilst playing tambourines and swirl tubes.

Kings (Flamingo class) and camels (Meerkat class) followed a star to see what all the fuss was about.  They had to travel a long way so made it fun by stamping and clapping rhythmically along their journey. 

Everyone danced, signed and sang ‘Come On!’ to celebrate the wonderful news about Baby Jesus.  This finale felt a bit strange though this year as each class recorded the song separately …but what a great time everyone had!

Well done Cliffdale Primary Academy – Main Site ...albeit a little different from our usual Christmas Shows, we managed to create a show involving lots of achievements across the whole school together with smiles and tears of joy, which was shared virtually with all our families.