Christmas Show 2019

Christmas Show 2019

This year’s theme was ‘Cliffdale’s Pompey Christmas’ which linked to Upper School’s topic, ‘Made in Portsmouth’.

Following just one week of preparation involving everyone choosing music, making costumes, scenery and props as well as deciding how to perform – singing/signing, dancing and/or acting, and then actually practising, Cliffdale’s Christmas Show was ready for parents, carers and friends to enjoy.

This year’s theme was ‘Cliffdale’s Pompey Christmas’ which linked to Upper School’s topic, ‘Made in Portsmouth’.  Classes joined together to create 6 performing groups, with each group focussing on a mode of transport and location in Portsmouth.

Meerkat class, Gorilla class and some of the pupils from Leopard class took the train to Fratton to play at Pompey Football Stadium, whilst pupils in Alpaca class, Elephant class and some of Kangaroo pupils jumped in a taxi to Gunwharf Quays!  Next, Hippo and Flamingo classes, as well as a few friends from Monkey and Kangaroo classes, travelled in sleighs to South Parade Pier before Orangutan class, Zebra class and the rest of Kangaroo class sailed in ships to the Victorian Christmas at Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard.  Lion class, Crocodile class and the girls in Leopard class then caught the bus to The Kings Theatre on Albert Road in Sourthsea to watch a panto.  Finally, Panda class, Racoon class and friends from Monkey class rode a donkey to the cathedral in Old Portsmouth to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus. 

Wow – what a show!  Cliffdale’s trip round Portsmouth concluded with everyone clapping and cheering in the Finale before singing and signing ‘Cliffdale’s Jingle Bell Rock’ and ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas’.  Well done Cliffdale!