February 2018

This half term Zebra class were lucky enough to be involved in Mary Rose Academy’s first Key Stage 2 sports festival. 

Our first activity of the day was in the hall where we had the chance to bounce on a variety of different sized trampolines. We all took turns on the biggest trampoline and we followed different symbols to make different shapes with our bodies, such a star shape and pike and tuck. We even did some seat drops on the trampoline if we were able to.

After a quick snack break we headed to the hydro therapy pool, which was amazing.  There was a mirrored ceiling, disco lights and music playing.  We played team games where we had to work together to find different coloured objects and put them on a big float.  After the team games we all walked around in the same direction to make a whirl pool effect which was fun to try and walk against. 

In the afternoon we were given a choice of activities. Some us chose to go outside on the bikes which was lots of fun. We had to use our legs to move some of the bikes and other bikes needed us to use our arms. The rest of Zebra class chose to join the dance and movement class. In the dance studio we practiced different movements and learned to stretch our bodies. We also used different materials and ribbons to shake around while we moved.

We all had a fantastic day getting active and hope there will be more sports festivals in the future.

December 2017

We have had a very busy half term, with lots of fun activities in Zebra class.  We have continued with our topic Food, Family and Fun.  We were lucky enough to have Martim’s birthday to celebrate so we had a party and even had a birthday cake and party bags.

For our modern foreign language days we continued with the celebrations, making party hats, flags and bandanas.  We used the colours red, white and blue to show the French flag. We pretended we were on an aeroplane flying to France which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.  We even carried on our trip to France with a simulation of some of the rides at Disneyland Paris.  Our language days were all wrapped up with a party, trying lots of different French foods.

Friendship week was a lot of fun too.  We made a friendship picture with all our hand prints and we also practiced sharing, turn taking and helping our friends. At the end of friendship week we celebrated Children in Need and we all wore spots, stripes and anything Pudsey.  We had a scavenger hunt to find Pudsey pictures around the school. We also we painted, coloured and cut Pudsey body parts and then we helped each other to put all the parts together.

We spent some of our time remembering about the war and the poppies.  We made poppies using different red materials and took them to our remembrance assembly, where the whole school put them all together to make one big poppy

Welcome to Zebra Class

Welcome to the first website article of the school year for Zebra class.

We have had a great start to the term, welcoming our 4 new classmates Martim, Josh, Tao Tao and Jimmy into Zebra class. We now have seven boys and one girl in year groups 3, 4 and 5.

So far in Zebra class we have enjoyed our first swimming session at Redwood Park and had a fantastic time on our first trip back to Hundred Acre Woods. We loved painting on trees in the forest using twigs and mud with our forest school teacher Fran.

We are really looking forward to our topic, ‘Food, Family and Fun’ looking at different celebrations and festivals. We had a brilliant day on our topic launch day where we moved around all of the upper school classrooms learning about different aspects of our new topic. We made decorations, party hats and flags, played party games and learnt a dance routine! We also made and ate party food, played musical instruments including a drum kit and had our own mini festival.