September 2018

Zebra class have already had a very exciting start to the new term. We have enjoyed welcoming and getting to know the new pupils that have joined us Harry, Freddie and Neeson. Paul is the class teacher again this year and Sylvie, Lesley and Paula are the TAs.

We have already enjoyed our swimming sessions at the Mountbatten centre where we had the entire pool to ourselves in week 1!  We also all loved our first kayaking session; we paddled around the entire lake and saw lots of ducks, seagulls and geese.

Zebra class had a great time completing some creative work in class on team launch day in our green and yellow team colours before splitting off into our groups and joining with our team mates in other classes to take part in a range of creative, physical and problem solving activities around school.

We have already visited the environmental area this term in preparation for our new topic ‘Survival of the Fittest’. We are all looking forward to participating in our topic launch day where we will be working together and taking part in a range of energetic activities including den building in our environmental area, setting up a campsite on the field, indoor and outside assault courses, creating artwork with natural resources and learning about how to stay healthy.