Hello everyone and welcome to Zebra Class! We are a wonderful class of seven boys and one girl from years 2 to 4. Tracy is our class teacher and Sylvie, Jade and Becce are the Teaching Assistants.

We have had a very busy start to the school year and it looks like that will continue next term! We started the term by getting the environmental area ready for planting lots of seeds and plants this year. Everyone enjoyed working outside digging the soil, watering the plants and learning how to take care of the environmental area.

We went kayaking on Tuesdays for the first half of term, for some of us it was our first time and everyone was very excited! We used the canoe lake to practice being Vikings and rowing our Viking Long-boats as well as playing games of passing a basketball from one kayak to another; we had a great time!

On Thursdays we went swimming at Redwood Park School. It was very exciting to be going swimming again and to go to a different pool! Some of us were very confident indeed, going in and under the water straight away and some of us needed a bit of time to get our confidence back, but we all had a wonderful time!   Wow! What a busy start to the year we’ve had!

Spring 2017

This term’s topic is called ‘Into the Unknown’, which is all about explorers and adventurers.  The focus this half term has been on learning about the Arctic and Antarctic. We have learned about the shelters used to protect people such as igloos and tents, and enjoyed trying some out!  We also learned about the clothes that people wear to stay warm.

We have learned about how sleds have been use to move people and food around on the snow. We have also thought about how cold ice and snow are. As part of our work in science we tried lots of different ways to melt ice and enjoyed putting lots of things in the freezer to see how they changed.

In PE we have focused on how our bodies move and have crawled, climbed, jumped, slid, run and bounced our way all around the hall!  

Finally we have really enjoyed being able to play a range of musical instruments during music time. The favourites were the keyboard, ukulele and drums.

Summer 2017

The focus this half term has been on learning about Africa and India for our topic ‘Rumble in the Jungle’.

We have learned about the landscapes that these places have and some of the animals that live there. We have thought about how the animals get their food, and why they live where they do.

We have done a lot of food preparation and tasting this half term. We have learned cutting and spreading skills, as well as making choices and expressing choices. Our focus on Indian food allowed us to try lots of new food. Some we liked and some we didn’t!  We have also thought about the clothes that people wear in some parts of Africa and India.

In PE we have focused on swimming. We have all enjoyed increasing our swimming skills, floating, kicking and some of us going under water to find objects at the bottom of the pool.

Finally we really enjoyed arts week which took place just before half term. Our shape for the week was the rectangle. We looked at the work of artists such as Gustav Klimt, Piet Mondrian and Mark Rothko to inspire our wonderful artwork!  On our visit to the forest we found lots of rectangles in the in the trunks and branches and we made rectangular weaving frames with natural objects. The gallery of art work produced at the end of the week on Friday, by everyone, was fantastic!

It has been a short, but very busy half term!