February 2019

It has been an exciting start to 2019 in Tiger class with the children enjoying learning about their new topic “The Inventors’ Shed”.

Tiger class started the year by reading and discussing alternative versions of “The Three Little Pigs”. We have loved reading about the “Big, Bad Pig” and the “Three Little Wolves” especially when we found out the pig used pneumatic drills, dynamite and sledgehammers to destroy the houses!! We had great fun acting out the stories and even wrote our own versions, with alternative goodies and baddies.

Following on from the stories we have built our own houses using bricks – the strongest material. Levi, Zac and Brandon learnt how to mix sand and cement to hold the bricks together and were very skilled in laying the bricks to create a strong pattern which couldn’t be blown down. Despite the adverse weather conditions, they persevered for the whole afternoon until their wall was complete!  Next job…Tiger class’ extension!

Each Wednesday, as part of our “skills for life” curriculum we have been visiting local parks.  We have been learning how to share equipment by taking turns, how to follow instructions (responding to staff instructions immediately) and how to interact with other children in the park. We have loved exploring St. Mary’s park with its giant slide, swings, huge sand pit and high ropes. Issy and Shannon have grown in confidence through the weeks and finally attempted the giant slide.  Hayden has loved learning how to use the zip wire and Bradley has enjoyed exploring the tools in the sand pit and working as part of a team to dig giant holes.

In science we have been exploring the effects of heat and cold on different materials. We have started to make predictions and explain why we think things are going to happen. Oliver was fabulous at explaining what would happen when we heated jelly and chocolate and Alfie had amazing ideas about how to melt ice. The best part though was getting to eat our experiments after we had finished investigating!