May 2018

Tiger class have had a fabulous start to our new topic “Ahoy There”. We began on topic launch day by having an exciting day based around pirates. Shannon and Chelsea had great fun making themselves into fearsome pirates by adding hats, patches and even a beard or moustache. Isaac enjoyed dressing up as a pirate and making himself a hat with a skull and cross bones on it. We all enjoyed making gingerbread men pirates from biscuits. Maggie carefully added the smarties to finish her design. In the afternoon we made a giant pirate ship for us all to sail the seven seas.

As part of our non-fiction writing we had a wonderful visit to the Blue Reef Aquarium. Maria was so impressed with how sensibly we listened and how brave we were touching the creatures as part of the rock pool experience. Stefan was fascinated with the rays who kept popping their heads out of the water to say “hello”. We loved getting close to the different animals and it really helped with our writing when we returned to school.

We made fabulous clay sea creatures as part of our rock pool week using what we found out at the aquarium and information books and photos to help with our design. Mohammed sculpted his clay beautifully adding all the detail for his crab. When they were dry Mason carefully matched his colours to the photo to complete his design.

This half term we have been really lucky; Ashley has said we were allowed to get a class pet!  We chose three small fish and were excited to travel to ‘Pets at Home’ to choose and collect them. The pet shop were so impressed with the questions we asked and how well we listened they invited us back to collect the cleaning team (snail and shrimp) when our pets were established!

In addition to our amazing learning in school some of us have been lucky enough to take part in residentials to Fairthorne Manor.  Here we grew in independence through organising our clothes, equipment and even collecting our own food. Exciting activities included kayaking, abseiling, rock climbing and a zip wire, but most importantly we grew as a group spending time with our friends away from home. Everything involved being covered in mud but the Year 5s can’t wait for their next trip away from home next year!

We are really looking forward to the rest of the Summer Term and making more wonderful memories. We will soon be stating rehearsals for the summer show. See you all there!

Tiger Class

March 2018

In Tigers we can’t believe how quickly another half term has flown by and how much learning we have achieved.

We have learnt all about road safety and how to keep safe when we are crossing the road. Mohammed and Niamh made fantastic posters to help the Lower School keep safe when out and about with their parents and carers. We role played crossing the road in our playground and when Maria thought we were ready we went into Battenburg Avenue and crossed the road safely. Mazin was determined to cross all by himself and really concentrated to make sure he was following all the safety guidelines.

In Design & Technology Maria set us a challenge. We had to design and make a car with moving wheels. When our plans were finished we had to build our cars. We used saws to cut the axles to size and drills to make holes in our bottles. Mason worked really hard to build his car all by himself. Then we tested them. Ty’s car travelled the furthest, rolling nearly 5 meters across our classroom. We cannot wait for the next project!

In Maths we have been enjoying exploring the properties of 3D shapes. We built our own shapes using straws or spaghetti and marshmallows. Billy and Chelsea were did so well at naming the shapes and using mathematical vocabulary (faces, edges and vertices) to describe them Maria had to let them eat the marshmallows when the lesson was finished.

We had a really busy Arts Week making lots of projects all about our number – 12. We started by learning how to mix colours. Stefan used red, yellow and blue paint to make 12 secondary colours. We used these colours to make Kandinsky inspired plates and our beautiful tree. Shannon showed fantastic concentration to create intricate mosaic circles and numbers which we added to our final piece. We also had lots of fun working together and we enjoyed it when Maria helped us create the numbers up to 12 with our bodies. Our favourite was the number 8. We really had to bend to make the curves.

In English we have been using adjectives to describe. To inspire us we have created magic potions. We added our own ingredients and used our imaginations to describe them. Maggie and Alfie wrote fantastic descriptive sentences and Isaac filled his potion with the scariest of ingredients (rotting snake guts). Maria was very worried about tasting them.

As well as all our amazing learning each week we are still working very hard perfecting our performance for JRock and are really excited to show you just what we have been practising. We hope you all cheer really loudly! See you at the Guildhall.

February 2018

It has been a very busy half term in Tiger class. We have welcomed our new teacher Maria to Cliffdale Primary Academy and we have especially liked showing her around and introducing her to all our friends!!

The New Year started by learning all about our new topic, Danger.  When the emergency services came to visit Stefan climbed inside the fire engine and was allowed to squirt the hose at the side of our classroom. Luckily he missed all the adults watching! Isaac enjoyed meeting the air ambulance mascot and wearing a pilot’s helmet. It was amazing to meet and learn about all the people who help us and we would like to thank them for coming in to school. We also learnt about how to stay safe in the kitchen. Shannon concentrated really well to cut up different fruits all by herself to make her fruit kebab and Mason used the toaster independently to make himself a snack.

In English we learnt all about the Great Fire of London. We found out how the fire started and why it spread so quickly. We have made our own houses that look just like the ones people lived in in 1666 and we really liked telling everyone what the houses were made of! We even practised writing with a quill and ink, just like Samuel Pepys did in his diary. Mohammed and Billy worked especially hard to keep their writing neat. Maria was so impressed when we wrote our own diaries that she put them up on the wall for everyone to see.

In Maths we have been practising our adding and trying to use our improved skills to solve problems. We have been keeping a record of the weather each day and using this information to make our own bar graphs. In Tiger class we like learning and using new words so we have been practising using our mathematical vocabulary to describe what we are finding out. Mazin has been measuring capacity using cups and was so proud when he could show how much water his bottle held all by himself.

At the end of January we took part in our second Modern Foreign Language day. We all practised saying “je m’appelle” to introduce ourselves. We learnt about the famous French artist Claude Monet. Alfie and Niamh used finger painting to help make our own version of his famous painting “The Water Lily Bridge”. However our favourite part of the day was when we got to try lots of different sports including Parkour.

As you can see it’s been a very busy few weeks. Maria is so pleased with us. She can’t wait to see what we will amaze her with next!

December 2017

Amazing Autumn Term!

Wow, Tiger class have had a very busy Autumn term; swimming, Forest schools, language and RE days, J Rock practice and all the exciting activities we have been doing for our topic ‘Fun, Family and Food.’

In English we have been reading a variety of stories including ‘The Scarecrows Wedding’, ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’, ‘I Want My Monster’ and learning to recite poems including ‘The Hairy Scary Castle’. We have also been learning about letter writing and instruction writing. In Maths we have been learning what different coins look like and practising paying with the correct coins. We have also been learning how to order numbers and how to use resources to add and subtract.

As part of our ‘Food, Family and Fun’ topic we have been learning about different kinds of celebrations including Weddings, Birthdays, Diwali, Bar Mitzvahs, and Christmas. We have been thinking about what to wear to different celebrations and where to host them. Tiger class went to explore the local park to assess its suitability as a venue for a picnic. We were pleased to discover that the picnic benches and bins made it a good spot to choose! As a class we have been improving our hosting skills, inviting other classes to join us for snack. We have been learning how to look after our friends by offering them drinks, showing them to seats and teaching them to play new games.

We have really enjoyed swimming this term and our confidence has grown in the water. We have learnt new games including holding our breath to fetch a weighted toy from the bottom of the pool!

For our language days we have learnt the colours of the French flag, how to say hello, goodbye and thank you in French. We enjoyed tasting French food and we are now all very keen to visit France! We have also begun to prepare for JRock and have been working hard to learn new dances and acting parts.

Welcome to Tiger Class

Hello from Tiger Class!

This year in Tiger class we have twelve children, 4 girls and 8 boys all from years 5 and 6. The class teacher is Gemma and the teaching assistants are Andy, Louise and Gail. It is going to be a busy term, Tiger class have already started to go swimming and to Forest school each week. At Forest school they go with the teacher ‘Forest Fran’ to explore and learn about the natural environment, as well as developing team work through activities like den building.

This term Tiger class will be learning about different festivals and celebrations through the topic of ‘Food, Families and Fun’. The children will be learning about where and why different celebrations are held, what food is eaten and how people dress for the occasion. They will design and make decorations and host some celebrations of their own.

Tiger class are looking forward to: performing in the two school shows, taking part in ‘Jrock’ dance competition and going on residential. There will be two trips to Fairthorne Manor this year, one for the year 5s and one for the year 6s. On the residential trips the children will get to experience a range of exciting activities including zip wires, climbing, abseiling and campfires. It is going to be an action packed year and we hope you follow our adventures on the school facebook page.