Spring 2021

Whether learning at home or at school, Tiger class have been very busy this term! Despite lots of changes to their usual routine, the children have worked exceptionally hard and achieved so much. To help us through such an unusual time, the children have been learning to recognise their emotions and find positive ways to manage their feelings. Tiger Class now have a calm corner that the children can use to help them feel calm and ready to learn! The children at home have been discussing their feelings with their friends on our live learning sessions and particularly enjoy the ‘how are you feeling today?’ song. We are very proud of how the children have supported each other this term, some even making cards for their friends as part of their home learning!

In school, the children have been continuing to build on their key skills with an important focus on communication. Ceppy has been using an aided language board to make requests and tell staff how she is feeling. Her friends have been very kindly helping her use this and she now asks for her favourite songs multiple times a day, which we all join in with and enjoy very much! The children in school have also explored this term’s topic ‘Stay Safe!’. They made ‘melted crayon’ art – learning how to safely use electrical equipment to melt the crayons. They went outside and explored the environmental area, looking for and taking pictures of hazards and making the area safe for everyone to use. The children have also been learning how to keep the classroom safe. Savanna has even been learning how to use cleaning products safely to clean the tables before and after lunch.

The children have all enjoyed the play park this term – Jack, Ceppy and Jasper have climbed higher on the apparatus each week – challenging themselves and overcoming their fears! Going outside in the cold was a great opportunity for the children to build on their independent life skills such as dressing appropriately for the weather. Viviana can now independently do up the zip on her new coat which she found very difficult at the start of the term.

The children at home have also been working very hard and have enjoyed sharing their learning with their friends on our live sessions. Tommy wrote a fact book all about Mickey Mouse and Friends and read it out to the staff! Yameen took turns with his friends in Tiger class to do different exercises, such as star-jumps, while the children all counted together. Nasir enjoyed reading a new story which had lots of different props including bubbles. Nasir was great at saying ‘ready, steady, blow’ and watching them pop on his screen! The children have also enjoyed singing songs and even doing some meditation! Tiger class are really looking forward to being back together again, reuniting with their friends and sharing the exciting things they have been doing at home and at school.

Tiger Class, 10 wonderful children, who have all got off to a wonderful start! The children have settled very well into class routines and lessons and have already enjoyed two Friday mornings out at Forest School which they absolutely love! Tiger Class work very well together as a whole class and have eagerly learnt 8 facts about tigers and have enjoyed sharing this new knowledge with visitors to the class.

As well as learning about tigers, the children have also participated in creative activities linked to tigers. They made tiger masks, tiger key rings, tiger faces and stripey tigers. The reading focus was ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’. The children really enjoyed the story and were keen to make puppets which they then used to act out the story for the rest of the class. Tommy recalled lots of story detail, Jack had amazing expression, Vivi told the story with enthusiasm and Savanna projected her voice really well.

Tiger Class love their playtimes! They play chasing and hiding games on the playground – many playing and interacting really well together. Some of the children enjoy riding the bikes and scooters and playing with footballs. They are very excited about the ‘park’ that is being built in the playground and cannot wait until it is finished. They take a sneaky peek most playtimes to see what progress has been made towards the completion of this new play area!