September 2018

It has been a wonderful start to a new term in Tiger Class. This year we are a group of three girls and nine boys ranging from Year 4 to Year 6. We have enjoyed getting to know each other, making new friends and welcoming back some familiar faces to Cliffdale.

We have started our learning by looking closely at our class animal – the tiger. We have used our creative skills to make 3D tigers from clay, trying hard to mould and shape the clay into the right shape. Whitney made fantastic sausages for the legs, tail and body really using her hands to work the clay. Zac was determined to make a structure strong enough to stand by itself and really persevered with joining the legs to the body, making sure they were stable. We are looking forward to painting them when they are dry.

We have also looked closely at the jungle paintings of Henri Rousseau. First we made our own jungle green. Bradley was quick to remind everyone of the primary colours we needed to combine. We tried really hard to make as many different shades as possible, just like the real jungle. Brandon and Issy were so careful mixing the yellow and blue paint together they managed to stay clean throughout. Next we painted our tigers looking closely at the different shapes needed to accurately represent the head, legs, body and tail. Hayden and Dante drew wonderful pictures and then painted neatly adding stripes, claws and even whiskers. Lastly we added all our different shaded of green to hide our tigers in the jungle. Shannon and Levi worked so well together Maria took them to Ashley to get a special reward.

Our first text of the year has also been looking closely at our class animal – “The Tiger who came to tea” by Judith Kerr. We wrote invitations and shopping lists, prepared food (including taking part in a treasure hunt to collect food for the tiger), decorated masks and waited to see what would happen. As soon as we started eating we heard a loud knock at the window. The Tiger had come to share our party food. Oliver was happy to share his sandwich but not so keen to give away his cupcakes!!

This term we are really looking forward to taking part in exciting outdoor and adventurous activities as part of our new topic “Survival of the Fittest”. We will be learning how to persevere and face challenges whilst conquering the adventure trail at QE Country Park as well as finding out all about our bodies and how to keep them fit and healthy. We can’t wait to share with you all our wonderful learning and photos.