Hello and welcome to our class web page. We will update this page regularly and tell you all our news. Rhino Class has 12 children, 8 boys and 4 girls. We are all in year 5 and 6 and have thoroughly enjoyed making lots of new friends this year. Our class teacher is called Claire and the teaching assistants are Jo, Shelley, Emma and Kevin. We have also got Monica and Natalie who work part time in our class.

Rhino class had a very busy start to the year. We started the year by making our own iMovie about our friends and our new class and worked together to create our own batch of Rhino shortbread biscuits! We continued to have a very busy first term; we went kayaking every week until half term and then went climbing. We worked with Neil the potter for half a term and then started rehearsals for JRock! We are all very excited about JRock; some of us are doing it for the very first time, but some of us did it last year too!

We are all really enjoying our learning this year and have really liked learning all about the Vikings and can’t wait to learn more next term about explorers and adventurers! We are also really looking forward to going swimming every week and to the Forest with Fran every Friday ~ phew, what busy Rhinos we are!

Spring 2017

Rhino class have had a very busy start to 2017. We all thoroughly enjoyed our topic launch day and gained an insight into our topic this term which is ‘Into the Unknown’.  We worked as a team to build an igloo, go ice fishing, hunt for animals in the snow, experience life in a tent and to solve a scientific problem – it was a brilliant day!

Each week we have learnt about a different explorer, so far we have learnt about the adventures of Antarctic explorers Ernest Shackleton, Roald Amundsen and Robert Falcon Scott and the mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary. We have tried on a range of explorer clothes and designed our own clothes ready for our own expedition.  We ensured the clothes would withstand the snow, cold, ice and wind and enjoyed testing our clothes in our very own classroom snow-storm!

In DT we tried a range of foods the explorers would have taken on their expeditions.  We then designed our own explorer lunch and decided which one we preferred!  A few of us enjoyed the sardine sandwich, but not everyone!  We made a gingerbread man and decorated it as an explorer.  In Art we have been exploring the colour white, and using white to alter the shade of other colours.  We changed black to grey and red to pink.  We used a range of white materials to create our own polar scene which supported our story telling.  In maths we used a range of 3D shapes (recyclable materials) to make our own penguin or polar bear.

Every Friday we go off to the forest with Fran for our Forest School experience. We are all very excited to go and eager to find out what we will learn about when we get there.  Our favourite lesson was when we were explorers and experienced collecting things in the snow and ice!

We have also been practising for J-Rock with all the other Year 5 and 6 children in school and are all so excited it is nearly here – 3rd March is performance day!   Each week we have been working with a dance teacher to practise our routines and have been measured for our costumes.  We are on countdown now until we perform at the Guildhall in front of all our families! 

We are all very excited about the next half term as we will be learning about explorers who have travelled to the moon, through the air, on the sea and explored other faraway lands.

Spring 2

Rhino class have had an action packed Spring Term. We have been learning about the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong.  We dressed up as astronauts and re-enacted the moon launch and even tasted astronaut food!  In science, we designed our own rocket launch pad and rocket and went to the field to test launch them! We were all very excited when the rocket went higher than the school!

In PSHE, we planned and followed a map to our local park.  Along the way we learnt about the importance of staying safe when out and using the pelican crossing.  We also visited the ‘Chocolate Lounge’ where we put our communication and maths skills into practise when asking and paying for our own drinks. We also planned our own ‘Rhino Shopping mall’ and worked as a team to create our own mall for our friends in other classes to come and buy things.

In Art, we learnt about the artist Richard Long and made circles with a range of equipment in and outside the classroom.  We also learnt about space and created our own Earth, working as a team and independently.  We also learnt about the land and the sea.  In Design Technology, we created our own plane using junk modelling and ensured we had all the features of a plane and designed our own logos to go on them.

As part of our MFL learning we have learnt colours in Italian and created our own Cliffdale Star, collecting items of each colour in the garden.  We also learnt the names of some fruits in Italian and opened our own fruit shop.

Our favourite activity this term was J-Rock and our production of ‘Destination Unknown’. We all thoroughly enjoyed perfoming at the Guildhall on the 3rd March – it was a long day, but great fun!

We hope you all have a fantastic Easter and are looking forward to the summer term where our topic is ‘Rumble in the Jungle’.

Summer 2017

On Thursday 4th May Rhino Class went to Marwell Zoo.  We were all very excited to go on the bus, see the animals and of course have our packed lunch at the zoo!  We set off from school first thing, it’s quite a long way so we sang some of our favourite Cliffdale songs on the bus!

On arriving at Marwell, our first stop was the penguin enclosure. We enjoyed using the iPad to record the penguins swimming and diving under the water; we can’t wait to make an iMovie back at the school of them. We visited the giraffes and learnt what they eat and how they move. We even saw buffalo, warthogs, cheetahs, flamingos, hippos, meerkat, anteaters and zebras all before lunch time!  We also talked about what countries the animals originate from as this helps our learning in both science and geography. We headed back to the picnic area, had our lunch and rested our feet!

We finally set off to see the hippos and the RHINOS – of course! We pretended we were a ‘crash of Rhinos’ and charged our way to the paddock. We were all very impressed with the size of the Rhinos.  We talked to our adults about the colours, size, shape and how in the wild they adapt to their surroundings. 

Finally, before going back to school, we all practised our money skills and bought an ice cream!  Time for another quick sit down – phew!

Everyone had a fantastic day. We can’t wait to look at the pictures and movies and to show our friends in assembly.  All the children were extremely well behaved, which was commented on by the staff at Marwell and the general public – well done Rhino class, you’re a credit to Cliffdale Primary Academy.