May 18

Rhino Class have been learning all about Pirates and sea creatures this half term as part of our topic ‘Ahoy There’.

In English we have been writing poems about pirates and treasure islands. We used our senses to describe what we could see, taste, feel, smell and hear on a treasure island. We also read lots of non-fiction books about sea creatures and wrote facts about our favourite ones.

In Maths we have been directing each other to move around a treasure map to find the cross that marks the spot where the treasure is. We have also been sorting lots of different coloured fish and collecting the data, we recorded this onto data collection tables. We also collected data about our friends’ favourite sea creatures.

We have made lots of sea creatures out of clay in our pottery lessons, we especially liked making the sharp teeth for the sharks!  We were really lucky to have some tortoises come to visit us in class, we loved feeding them leaves and flowers.

Rhino Class have really enjoyed kayaking this half term, we learnt about water safety and played lots of games on the lake. In one of the games, we had to catch as many rubber ducks as we could with our oars!

In our Topic and Ourselves lessons, we have been learning about recycling and how to look after our planet. We made recycling bins for our classroom and made sure to sort out our rubbish into the correct bins. We even made new clothes out of old clothes and our recycling for a fashion catwalk.

Another exciting thing to happen this half term was J Rock. Rhino Class worked really hard to practice their dancing in the rehearsals and put on an incredible performance in the evening at Guildhall.

March 2018

It’s been a very busy term for Rhino Class, and we have learnt lots of new things whilst studying our topic of ‘Danger’.

We learnt about kitchen safety and used a range of equipment to make hot and cold healthy meals and drinks. We all thoroughly enjoyed our hot chocolate when the weather was cold and learned what we need to wear to keep ourselves warm. We have also learnt about road and bike safety. We learnt the importance of listening to adults when crossing the road and why we need to wear a helmet on a bike.

We enjoyed learning about the Great Fire of London, comparing different houses and practising our weighing skills to make our own bread. We used a range of 3D shapes to complete junk modelling to make our own Pudding Lane. Our learning was completed by setting fire to the boxes and creating our own ‘Great Fire of London’. We learnt the importance of listening and following instructions around fire and what we need to do in an emergency.

Rhino class all enjoyed Arts Week, where we learnt about the artist Peter Phillips and used recyclable materials to create our own interpretation of his art work based around the number 11. We learned a new range of skills which included rubbing, stencilling, printing, water colours and using different mediums to complete our art.

On Friday 9th March we had our World Book Day and Sponsored Walk. We all dressed up as our favourite book characters and enjoyed showing off our costumes to our friends. We enjoyed re-enacting the story ‘The Way Back Home’ by Oliver Jeffries and loved dressing up as an alien and making a spaceship. We used objects, props and symbols to write our own story about our own space adventure.

Rhino Class have been very active this term and have been improving our agility, balance and co-ordination in PE as well as our swimming technique and water confidence each week at the Mountbatten Centre.  We all completed the ‘football-athlon’ for Sport Relief where each child completed a mile in 3 challenges, we ran or walked a mile, cycled a mile and then dribbled a football for a mile. We were all very tired at the end including the staff.

We are very excited our new J-Rock date has been confirmed and can’t wait to show everyone our performance on 24th April 2018.

We hope you all have a lovely Easter and are looking forward to our topic launch day on Monday 16th April. Our new topic is ‘A-hoy There’.

February 2018

Rhino Class have had a very busy start to 2018. We have been thoroughly enjoying our topic of ‘Danger’ and learning lots of new things. We have learnt about the weather and the importance of being safe in the sun and what we need to wear to keep warm on a cold, frosty day. We made our own rain sticks and thunder sticks and transformed our classroom into a tropical storm.

We have also been learning about the importance of keeping clean, washing hands and brushing teeth. We have been able to use some of these skills when cooking, and followed a recipe to make bead to sell in our own class bakery.

In PE we have been learning to improve our agility, balance and co-ordination on the apparatus. We worked in individual, in pairs and as a whole class to devise our own dance routine to show our friends in assembly.

During our Modern Foreign Languages days we learnt how to say hello, goodbye, please, thank you in French and we also learnt to say all the colours. In class we made our own rainbow using lots of different objects and we even made a rainbow fruit kebab to practice saying our colours. We even remembered to say please and thank you in French at snack time.  

We also had the opportunity to go on our brand new minibus which was very exciting and we can’t wait for more trips in the next half term.

Each week we have been practising and working really hard for J-Rock on 2nd March, we have been helping make the costumes and prepare the set and we really hope you can be there to support and cheer us on!

December 2017

We have had an action packed start to this year and have learnt lots of new things, enjoying our topic of ‘Food, Family and Fun!’ which also included celebrations and festivals. We started this topic with our launch day when we visited different classrooms and had small tasters of what we would learn this term. Everyone in upper school contributed and we made our own music video to show the rest of the school.

We have learnt about the celebrations of Eid, Diwali and Harvest. Rosie, Jake and Marisa loved making a traditional Eid-ul-Fitr breakfast using pasta and dates. We have also learnt about Hanukah and Advent. We learnt about how each celebration is different and created a piece of art work and started to compare them to each other. We learnt some great new art skills and created some really beautiful pieces of art work. We used sand to create Rangoli patterns and learnt about light, in preparation for our light assembly. Maddi loved planning and designing her own pattern and brought it to life on the playground using natural resources.

Our Modern Foreign Language days focussed on France and the French language and culture. We all enjoyed re-creating the tour de France, learning the colours of the French flag and many other activities. We finished by sharing everything we had learnt at our very own French Festival in the hall.

We have also been very busy outside the classroom with weekly swimming at the Mountbatten Centre and climbing up at Fort Purbrook. Jevonne has particularly enjoyed swimming this term and now confidently puts her face in the water.  We have been practising and consolidating our reading and number work whilst climbing. Preston and Alfie have been teaching their friends how to get to the top of the wall in record time, as they are even quicker than the instructor!

We have been visiting the Forest each week as part of the Forest School programme.  We had our own festival in the woods, held our own sparklers and toasted our own marshmallows. Tilly, Denver and Marisa have particularly enjoyed Forest School this term and it’s been wonderful to see how confident everyone is as they have worked together to help each other around the forest.

We have also started JRock. We can’t give too much away, but we can tell you that we are very excited about the theme and we have already started to learn the routine as well as design our own costumes.  So far we have had an action packed term, and it’s not over yet!

Welcome to Rhino Class

We have 10 children in our class, five boys and five girls; who are either in year 5 or 6. Claire is our class teacher and our teaching assistants are Kevin, Beth and Emma, as well as Monica and Natalie, who work part-time in Rhino class.

We’ve had a busy start to the year. In our first week, we began reading the story ‘Rita’s Rhino’ and enjoyed acting it out. We made our own rhino shortbread biscuits, went on a safari around the garden and recreated the beach inside the classroom. We were very creative, making a range of sea creatures using different materials and textures.

We have been getting to know each other and had lots of fun making our class friendship tree. We even got a bit messy dancing with bubble wrap on our feet! We were challenged to go and help in the garden, and we couldn’t believe how tall the sunflowers had become and how big the pumpkins were. We worked as a team to weed, tidy and water the flowers and vegetables in the garden. We all enjoyed learning outside and can’t wait to get our wellies back on.

We had to vote for our School Council representative this term, and we all voted in our secret ballot. Our representatives are Jevonne and Preston who are both keen to get started and looking forward to their first council meeting. This term we will be swimming every week at the Mountbatten Centre as well as enjoying Forest schools with Fran.

Rhino class agree they are looking forward to this year. Marisa, Maddie, Rudy, Tilly and Denver are looking forward to their first J-Rock and can’t wait for rehearsals to start. Preston is excited to be Yellow Team captain and can’t wait to earn points for his team! Rosie, Jake, Alfie and Jevonne are over the moon that we are swimming every week, as they all love going out on the bus.

We are all looking forward to this year (including the staff!) and sharing everything we learn.