February 2019

Rhino Class have been really enjoying being creative and experimenting in their new topic ‘The Inventor’s Shed’.  On the topic launch day, we had to test different ways to get into a block of ice that contained the topic title; our favourite way was to drop the ice on the playground to try and break it!  We also invented robots and made them from recycling.

Rhino’s big project this half term was to research, test for, design and make our own fairground games in small groups. We made a beanbag throwing game, a hook a picture game and a butterfly bowling game. We invited Gorilla class to come and test out our games, they told us what they liked about the games and even had a chance to win some prizes.

Rhino class have been working on their climbing skills and team work at the climbing walls at Fort Purbrook.  Another highlight of going to the Fort is exploring the tunnels.  Rhino class have also been inventing in the woods at Forest school, we made instruments from recycling and games from natural materials.

We are looking forward to inventing stories and creating characters next half term.