Spring 2019

Rhino Class have been inventing stories and characters as part of our ‘Inventor’s Shed’ topic this half term. We explored the classic fairy-tale, ‘The Three Little Pigs’ until we could retell the story using just puppets or pictures. We then learnt all about what makes a good character and changed the characters in the classic story to make our own versions.

We also learnt how to read and follow a list of ingredients to make magic potions and used this to write our own list of ingredients. We made lots of interesting magical potions and used our senses to describe them.

Rhino Class have been going to the climbing wall at Fort Purbrook every week this half term. Our confidence at climbing has got better and better, we are all able to go to the top in the chair lift now and lots of us are climbing really high. We have also been going to Forest and inventing stories and potions there.

Rhino Class really enjoyed Arts week at the end of term. We made a range of art based around Rhinos with lots of different techniques. One of our favourites was the splatter art where we got to flick and splat paint onto big bits of paper outside. It was lots of fun and very messy!

We are looking forward to getting stuck into our new topic next term ‘Planting a Rainbow’. We can’t wait to get planting and to see what we can grow.