Welcome back to a new school year in Orangutan class.

Orangutan class have already been very busy learning our new friend’s names and finding our lovely new classroom in the new part of the school. We’ve worked hard to remember how to get to places such as the playground and dinner hall by doing treasure hunts. We have been doing lots of activities and games linked to Orangutans and even included orangutans in our ‘bucket’ sessions.

Orangutan class had an action packed day team day where we wore our coloured t-shirts and did a ball treasure hunt around the school in our team groups. We then sang our team chants as loud as we could in assembly.

Oranugtan class were very lucky and got to visit the gymnastics centre. We jumped on the big trampoline, chased each other on the springy floor, jumped off balance beams into the foam pit and hung from hoops. We were very tired after but had great fun and very excited that we get to go every Monday.

We are really looking forward to exploring our new topic ‘Made in Portsmouth’ as we get to learn about and explore the city we are in. We are starting with the mini-topic ‘Seaside and coast’. We got stuck into topic launch day and got a taster session of all of the mini topics we will be covering this term. Our favourite sessions were exploring the sensory seaside room and we laughed a lot when we were driving the bikes around the transport room.

We’ve already fitted in so much since being back at school and can’t wait to get stuck into new adventures around our topics and our weekly skills for life trips.