February 2018

This half term, Lion Class have been learning all about keeping ourselves clean and healthy and why it is so important.

To practice washing our hands, first we have been getting them really really messy with paint, oil and cinnamon or glue and glitter. Using a hand washing schedule, we followed symbols to wash our hands and then checked they were sparkling clean once we had finished.  We talked about how important it is to wash our hands before touching food, eating our dinner and after going to the toilet to make sure we avoid any germs and stay healthy!

We have also been learning about washing our faces, especially after we have eaten dinner. To practice this in class, we first made our faces really dirty with chocolate cake, jelly and cream or jam. Some of us were very brave and tolerated food on our faces for about 5 minutes. Amazing! Using mirrors, we looked at our faces to see how messy they were so we would know where to wipe them with a face wipe.

We have also been learning about healthy eating and what snacks are good for us and which snacks are occasional treats. We walked to the Co-op on Copnor Road to choose a healthy snack to buy. There was so much to choose from. We bought a bag of pears, a bag of carrots, a bottle of mineral water, a large orange, a loaf of brown bread and a bag of salad. We used the bread to make toast we have eaten the pears and carrots as part of our morning snack time.

Have a lovely half term everyone!

December 2017

Aiming High!

In our PE lessons this half term we have been using the climbing wall at Fort Purbrook and learning how to climb safely.

Our afternoons start with a ride on the minibus, which is really exciting because at the top of Portsdown Hill we can see all of Portsmouth! Such an amazing view. The climbing wall is underground at Fort Purbrook and we have to walk through a tunnel to get there. Our voices sound really strange when we talk to our friends whilst walking through the tunnel. Very spooky!

We have been learning how to use the holds on the climbing wall and placing our hands and feet in the holds safely. We have been moving around the wall looking at where our hands and feet need to go so we can keep moving whilst staying safe. Some of us have even managed to climb to the top of the wall! What an achievement! Climbing down the wall is as much of a skill for us to learn as climbing up the wall, so we have also been learning to look down at our feet to find the nearest holds to use.

One of the most important things we have been learning about is being safe when we use the climbing wall. We need to wear helmets, watch out for our friends who are also using the wall and move around the room with care. We have also been practicing giving and listening to instructions from our friends when we are playing games on the climbing wall.

We hope you enjoy looking at the photographs of our learning!

November 2017

In Lion Class this half term we have been learning all about how to use a camera carefully and safely to take photographs of our work, during and after our learning. We have been using cameras in English and Maths but most often in Topic lessons.

We have been learning how to make cakes, biscuits, sorbet and sandwiches based on our story ‘Who Ate the Cake?’ During the making process we have been taking photographs of all the stages we learned about e.g. when we mix, when we put something in the oven, when we wash our hands and so on.

We had to remember to wash our hands before we used the cameras because we didn’t want sticky hands and flour all over the equipment. We also had to be really careful when holding on to the camera to take a picture and it is definitely easier to do that with clean hands!

For some of us, we learned to press down the switch button to take the picture. Some of us also learned that we could look at the viewing screen whilst taking a picture to decide if we liked it or not. A few of us took several pictures during one lesson to evidence how a cake started as a lot of dry ingredients, but finally became an actual cake we could all eat.

Recording our work this way was a lot of fun. We had a look at our photos in our Reflect and Review session at the end of each topic lesson so we could see what our friends were learning as well.

We hope you enjoy looking at the lovely photographs we have taken

Welcome to Lion Class

Welcome back everybody! Here we are again, new school year, new class and new friends! A year goes by so fast doesn’t it? There are lots of things to share but first let’s introduce Lion Class 2017-2018.

There are 11 children in Lion Class, 9 boys and 2 girls. Six are in Year 3 and five are in Year 4. We said a big hello to our new friends Jasper and Oliver, who have joined Lion Class this September.

We have had a very busy first few days. We have learnt about our story ‘There’s a Lion in my Cornflakes’. We created a sensory story based using cornflakes, milk, a giant lion, a bowl (which was really a paddling pool) and retold the story with our friends as the main characters! In Maths, we practiced our counting with cereal boxes, bowls and spoons and small milk bottles. We learnt in ‘The World Around Us’ that when we mixed milk with food colouring, baking powder and vinegar it creates a very smelly and very bubbly liquid! In Creativity, we learnt to make lots of different Lion themed art with paints, paper, scissors and glue. Our favourites were the lion masks. At the start of the week, we completed lots of ‘Getting to know’ activities; we got very messy working and sharing with our new friends.

We all participated in the vote for two School Council representatives in Lion Class. The lucky two children attend regular school council meetings and make some very important decisions. We all sat in a booth and chose two friends using stickers on a ballot paper to show who we had chosen. After a count (and a recount!) our new Lion Class Council representatives are Isabelle and Daan Nai. Well done to both of you.

This is what the children in Lion Class said they were looking forward to this year:

Charlie - ‘Swimming!!’

Daan Nai - ‘Swimming and forest’.

Dante - ‘Swim!’

Isabelle - ‘Having fun!’

Jasper - ’Swimming’ and ‘wellies’.

Nasir – ‘Swimming’.

Oliver – ‘Getting to know my new friends’.

Peter – ‘Being in lion class!’

Raian – ‘Forest!’

Sultan – ‘Swim!’

Whitney – ‘Getting muddy in the forest!’

We are looking forward to sharing our learning, fun and our news with you all this year.