February 2019

A very busy and sporty first half of the Spring Term! Tennis coaching with Dan on a Tuesday afternoon and climbing on a Thursday afternoon with Steve at Fort Purbrook!! Busy, busy! Alongside that, sensory circuits in the mornings for some children and energiser activities and warm ups for the rest of Lion Class!

Topic Launch Day took place with lots of excitement - pupils made objects of their choice with junk modelling, magic potions were made and we discovered the topic title in a block of ice – The Inventors Shed!  Lion Class will visit magic potions again after half term, but this term we have learnt carpentry skills like sanding blocks of wood and hammering in nails in the shape of our initials.

Our topic has been linked to story books which we have shared as a class – we have read ‘The Magnificent Thing’, ‘The Magic Balloon’ and ‘Halibut Jackson’. We have learnt how to use papier mach󠄭é to make our own magic hot air balloons just like Will in the story about the Magic Balloon.

Lion Class were also very lucky to visit an Inventor’s Shed!  They got to see lots of tools and wood and lots of other things that inventors would use! The pupils had to identify and record what they could see in ‘the shed’ and they also got to wear hard hats!

This term we have introduced the Star chart into Lion Class and the children are really enjoying earning stars … each Friday someone takes home a little ‘prize’ for earning the most stars for the week! We continue to earn awards towards completing our Silver Awards too!

We have enjoyed the Chinese New Year Assembly as Lion Class participated in a dragon dance and played Chinese bells. We also thoroughly enjoyed eating different flavoured popcorns when celebrating National Popcorn Day in Assembly!  We can’t wait for the rest of the term and more fun!