Hello everybody…there are lots of things we want to share but let’s first introduce Lion Class 2016-2017! There are 9 children in Lion Class, 6 girls and 3 boys all in Year 3 and Year 4. Our class teacher is called Aimee and she likes pink! The teaching assistants are called Hannah, Eve and Beth; we also often have Amy W working with us in the mornings.  

We have already packed a lot into the Autumn term and have really enjoyed learning all about the Vikings! Everyone learnt to write their names in DT using Viking Runes, learning about different Viking symbols. Runes were used by the Vikings to write notes, Christmas Cards, and lists to their friends. Symbols were drawn to mean words such as ‘power’ or ‘fire’. We all enjoyed learning how to write our names.

We had to vote for the Lion class School Council representative this term too and Rudy won the vote in our class secret ballot! Lion class have all really loved going swimming this term at Redwood Park school; the water is lovely and warm and we have all improved in our confidence and swimming ability. We are all really looking forward to a fun, creative and exciting term ahead and can’t wait to share all of our learning with you all.

Spring 2017

As part of our Art Curriculum this term, we have been learning about the artist Richard Long. Richard Long was inspired by circles and nature, so he created pictures using natural objects to make circles and took photographs of objects outside that might have had circles in them!

We were really inspired by his work. We learnt to cut a circle carefully with scissors and practiced following a guide. We learnt to draw our own circles using a model, and drawing around a template.  We used beebots (small robots) to help us draw circles, and learnt that by taping a felt tip to a beebot and programming it to move, it will draw lots of circles! Amazing! We had already learnt about how the beebots worked in Maths so we were excited to use them again.

We wanted to create our own colleges using circles of different sizes, so we practiced changing the textures of circles by scrunching, folding and pleating them. That was a lot of fun.

We also had a lot of fun using our digital cameras to take pictures of interesting things we found in school, outside on the playground and circles that we found.  We learnt how to hold a camera carefully, where the shoot button was, and the screen that we look at to see what our picture will look like! We practiced taking really close up shots for added artistic affect and then we used a Paint programme on the computer to alter the image. We all enjoyed using the computer!

We hope you enjoy looking at our work as much as we enjoyed making it all!

Spring 2

What a busy term we have had in Lion Class!!  We have been really lucky and have been able to go out and about on the minibus and walking around the local area. Apart from going to the forest each week with Fran, we have been climbing at Fort Purbrook, going to the park as part of our outdoor PE learning, practicing road safety and buying items in a café and the Co-op in PSHE! We all need to put our feet up over the Easter holidays!

At Fort Purbrook, we have been learning to use the climbing wall to climb safely, to climb along and up the wall and to wear our helmets to keep us safe at all times.  We have learnt all about ‘holds’ - which is where we put our feet and hands in to help us move along the walls - and how important it is to work as part of a team. We have all made lots of progress with climbing and we were all able to climb along one whole wall by our last lesson there!

Each week we have visited College Park, which is only a short walk away from Cliffdale to learn all about using all the play equipment safely, practicing our ‘good looking’ for our friends when we use the equipment and also sharing the equipment with our friends.  We also visited the animals at the park each week to say ‘hello’ and tried new play equipment we had not used before.   Walking to the park each week helped us practice our road safety skills as part of PSHE. We learnt about rules to cross the road safely; ‘stop, look both ways and listen’ to make sure we were really safe when crossing the roads.  We learnt how important it is to use the pedestrian crossings and how they work. We used the pelican crossing on Copnor Road to cross the road and we all enjoyed waiting to see the green man and listening for the beep!

We also visited the Chocolate Lounge and the Co-op to practice exchanging money for lovely things like fruit and hot chocolate and we used a shopping list to buy items in the Co-op to make Easter treats for our families. It was really exciting handing over our £1 for a hot chocolate and we learnt that we have to hand our money over first before we could have our drink!

Happy Easter everyone!  

Summer 2017

We have been learning about a new animal in Lion Class; the gorilla.  This means we have also been learning about a new story; ‘Goodnight Gorilla’ by Peggy Rathmann.  The gorilla is the second animal we have learnt about so far this term for our topic ‘Rumble in the Jungle’.

“Good night, Gorilla!” - says the zookeeper.  But mischievous Gorilla isn't quite ready to go to sleep!  He would rather follow the zookeeper on his rounds and let all of the other animals out of their cages. He is very naughty!! The book is lovely, and we have enjoyed reading it as a class.

In English, we created our own props based on the story and retold the story. We also rewrote the story, calling it Goodnight Cliffdale using pictures of staff, Lion Class, objects and symbols! We made a video in Drama based on the story which was lots of fun. The book has very few words, so as part of our writing we created sentences of our own with nouns and verbs and some of us wrote, then read out sentences for the whole book to match the pictures!

In Maths we were learning to match sets of brightly coloured keys to numbers to 20 and count out keys to 20 to match numbers to 20.  We also learned to match, copy and continue repeating patterns of 2 or 3 different key colours and create our own repeating patterns with keys. We also sorted sets of keys by given criteria e.g. red keys/not red keys.

We learned to print on paper with keys that we had already painted to make interesting shapes and prints in our Art lessons. In Science, we learned how a gorilla walks, where a gorilla lives and sleeps, their favourites food and compared the size of their handprint to ours (it is very big!).  Some of us compared a gorilla to a lion and learned that they enjoy eating very different food but are both covered in thick hair!!

Lastly, in Geography, we learned about following instructions to find our own sets of keys that had been hidden in school; we also built forests from junk modelling for our gorilla puppets to live in.

We hope you enjoy looking at our photographs and watching our video.

Happy half term everyone!