Gorilla Class have settled in brilliantly and had so much fun getting to know each other over these past few days. Gorilla class have 3 amazing big year 6s in Gorilla Class; Shannon, Danté and Ryan who have been setting aggregate example to our 9 clever year 5s.

Children have shared each other’s holiday diaries and Danté even read out his one to the class. Each child has been given a special jobs to keep class running smoothly.

Cliffdale has had lots of building work completed over the summer holidays and as part of our Maths lesson the children used maps to explore the new parts of the school and discover which teachers worked there.

Gorilla class had to work together to solve tricky challenges during P.E in a group race Ben was super excited to win the first race! At the end of the lesson there were final races; Raian won his race and Brandon raced Monica the TA and Brandon won!

Gorilla class have spent time learning about when each other’s birthdays are and how old everyone is. They measured each other; the tallest child is Charlie and our youngest child is Ceppy. There was even a little party for the first birthday in Gorilla class, they enjoyed playing party games and dancing together. It gets quite competitive in Gorilla Class, Peter and Jack really enjoyed musical chairs whilst also showing excellent sportsmanship!

What a lot of fun and learning already in such a packed week, they can’t wait for the year they’re going to have!