Spring 2019

The Inventor’s shed has been great fun. We have invented all kinds of things to help people or to make life easier. A range of different skills have been learnt along the way, we are now excellent at sawing and hammering!  We made a variety of objects while learning these skills including doors to ‘another portal’, Mother’s Day gifts and other great products.

Swimming has been a little bit ‘hit and miss this term’; we’ve managed to get there a few times so we’re very much looking forward to carrying this on again next term.  Some of us haven’t been swimming much at all and found it quite scary; but everyone went in and had fun. Some of us made huge progress in a small space of time!

One of our highlights this term in our topic work was making our own potions; we even designed bottle boxes and set up a Potion Shop!  Some potions had spectacular effects; some would make you fly, others make you invisible!  One day our friends in Rhino class came in and bought some of our potions. It was lovely to share our learning with our neighbours. We also visited Rhino class on another day; they had made fairground games, we had great fun playing the throwing games and counting up our points!

The term ended with a fabulous Art’s Week, Gorilla class made a graffiti wall, some poems, made a right mess with splatter paints and powder paints and took some great photos. It all ended with an amazing gallery, we loved going round all the classes to see what they had made; it was beautiful!

What a busy time we’ve had – I think we’re all ready for a good rest over the Easter holidays!