February 2019

Gorilla class have had an action-packed spring term filled with fun and wonderful activities.

We have reached new heights rock climbing, especially Tommy who managed to reach the top of the wall after only a handful of lessons. The rest of the class have also shown progress with their Spiderman climbing skills!

We have been reading traditional story tales and alternative versions of traditional stories. Gorilla class even wrote their own version of the Three Little Pigs story. Harry’s story was called ‘The Three Little Wolves’ which featured a big bad pig!  We also built a wall using bricks and cement, just like the house of bricks from the story. Viv and Savanna loved wearing their builder safety helmets.

Our new topic ‘The Inventor’s Shed’ has been very enjoyable. We have been creating our own potions mixing different coloured paints to generate new fabulous colours and different ingredients to make a sensory potion. Gorillas also experimented with different materials to test their resistance from rain and wind. We can’t wait to discover and invent new amazing things next half term!