September 2018

Gorilla class has a new teacher and lots of lovely new children.  Zoë is now the teacher and the TAs are Craig, Jo and Emma. We have 10 boys and 2 girls all ready for lots of learning and fun!

The children have already had a fun filled first week together. Welcome to Tommy and Savanna who are new to Cliffdale, they have learnt how to get around really quickly, already knowing their way to the hall, the library, the art room, the playground…just about everywhere in school!

All the children know each other’s names and have been playing lots of different games to have fun while they learn. No learning without fun!  They have also been getting to know ‘Timmy’ our shared (with Rhino Class) gecko!

Gorilla class love their outside activities this term, Forest School on a Thursday with Fran and Kayaking on a Friday. They are looking forward to jumping in the minibus and heading out to learn lots of new things. These activities work really well with the Upper School Topic, ‘Survival of the Fittest’. Soon Upper School will be launching their topic having a fun filled day of activities all around the school to hook them into our topic!

 Team Day is coming up soon too, all the children will be dressed in their team colours, singing their team chants and getting to know who is in their team.

There are many enjoyable, exciting things to come this year and Gorilla class are ready to embrace them all!