We are ten excited and happy pupils and we are Gorilla Class!

We have got three lovely girls and seven lovely boys in Gorilla class and we are all in Year 3 and Year 4. Four of our class were new to Cliffdale in September, but they soon settled in and made lots of new friends ~ we are very friendly Gorillas! The staff are friendly too! Glynis is our class teacher and Lorrie, Gail and Alicia are the Teaching Assistants.

It was a busy Autumn Term; Gorilla Class learnt all about ‘The Vikings’ and on Topic Launch Day they really enjoyed making Viking Warrior Stew and Viking Longboats! They went swimming on Wednesdays at the Mountbatten Centre and after half term really enjoyed working with Neil the Potter in the Art room – very lucky children!

Everyone is Gorilla class is looking forward to learning lots this term and filling up their Bronze Award Cards with positive comments and seeing who will be the first to get their certificate! Next term, is just as exciting as we will be going climbing and to the forest every week with Fran…we can’t wait!

Spring Term 2017

Gorilla Class continue to work really hard in English, Maths and Science and on Thursday we enjoy an exciting ‘Theme Day’ which includes subjects like History, DT, Art and Drama!  If that wasn’t enough we have also been climbing at Fort Purbrook every Tuesday afternoon, visited 100 Acre Woods every Wednesday morning when we do Forest Schools with Fran and made different Arctic animals in our clay lessons with Neil!  We are so busy with all of our learning!

We love going climbing at Fort Purbrook with Steve.  We play ‘cool’ games where we run around a ‘tower’ and see who can be the first to ‘jump’ onto the wall. We are a little bit like Spiderman!  We are all getting really good with our climbing and many of us can climb all the way to the top of the wall! J

Forest Schools is such fun!  We play team building games, climb on logs, build dens, drink hot chocolate and even jump in muddy puddles!  Yes, that’s right, we are allowed to!!! We love going in our waterproofs and wellies, prepared for another morning of exciting learning and fun.  Fran plans new activities for us to do when we are in the ‘woods’ and it makes the outdoors a wonderful learning experience for everyone!

Pottery with Neil is always creative and exciting as we learn to make different objects! We love manipulating the clay and using our good ideas when working with clay and different tools.  We made at least four different Arctic animals – the polar bears are on display in the school, but we could take our other creations home!  Thank you Neil for coming all the way from the Isle of Wight to work with us on Thursday mornings!


Spring 2

What an amazing Spring term with plenty of learning and lots of fun too!  Our topic this term was ‘Into the Unknown’ and we learnt about different explorers and how they embarked on expeditions to places that they wanted to find out more about.  We loved learning about Captain Robert Scott and how he travelled to the South Pole. We pretended to be in the Antarctic and made the classroom really dark and extremely cold.  We turned off all the lights and opened all the windows! We then had two huge fans that made it very windy and very noisy, just like a real blizzard!  We ate food like brave explorers – tinned food!  We had sardines and corned beef, dry cream crackers and beef jerky. We finished off our delicious meal with hot Cocoa!  Once our tummies were full we went to sleep in our tents!

We also learnt about a Canadian astronaut, Chris Hadfield.  When he was a little boy he decided he wanted to become an Astronaut after seeing Neil Armstrong land on the moon; even though Chris was frightened of the dark and aliens!  We made a long list of questions to ask Chris and sent them to him by email.  We hope we get a reply soon!  We enjoyed learning about rockets and space and what it is really like on the moon. We flew to the moon in our very own rocket! See the photograph of us on the moon – we really did go there!

During all this exciting learning we celebrated Pancake Day on the 28th February.  We all helped make the pancake batter and then cooked the pancakes in the classroom. We had to open the windows very wide so that we did not set off the fire alarms!  Our favourite filling for the pancakes was chocolate spread of course – yummy!

Summer 2017

Rumble in the Jungle … is that a Tiger we can hear?  Yes, we are learning about India this half term! We are learning about the people who live there and about the types of animals we would find should we go for a walk in the Indian Jungle! We have dressed up in Saris, made and eaten chicken curry and created a rather large tiger using paint and tissue paper!

Did you know that the Bengal Tiger is the national animal in India? We have learnt that tigers like to eat meat, that their stripes make them camouflaged and that they live on their own! We decided we like to be part of a family and are glad that we do not have to live on our own! We like being part of the Cliffdale family too! 

We have made a beautiful wall display of our art – we painted and created pictures of Indian animals just like the artist Leonid Afremov!  We are very proud of our artwork which has made our classroom bright and colourful!

We have learnt about the jungle habitat in India and have enjoyed making our own Indian jungles using sand, stones, blue nuggets, straw and green card. We could not wait to play with the animals in the habitats that we had created!

We are looking forward to visiting Marwell Zoo – where we will be able to see a real Tiger!