February 2018

Wow, this half term went by very quickly, but what a busy half term it was! We have enjoyed learning about our topic ‘Danger’. In Gorilla Class we have learnt about safety in the kitchen and about having clean hands when working with food. We have also learnt about Fire Safety and what to do if there was a fire at home. We have practised dialling 999 and asking for the correct Emergency Service. We all liked to ‘STOP, DROP and ROLL’ when role playing that our clothing had caught on fire.

We had an amazing time when the RNLI, the Air Ambulance, a Fire Engine from Southsea Fire Station and a police car came to visit us at school. Most of us had a go at getting into the Fire Engine and Police Car and very nearly ALL of us (sorry neighbours!) had a go at making the police siren work. It was such fun spraying the playground with water from the firehose. We are looking forward to a visit to Southsea Fire Station after the half term holidays and to also a visit to the lifeboats at the RNLI.

We have enjoyed going rock climbing this half term and we even got to go in our brand new Minibus! Lots of us are very proud of ourselves because we can climb all the way to the top and touch the bar.

During our two days of learning French we made an Eiffel Tower using newspaper, painted a picture of water and flowers just like Monet and learnt how to greet each other, count from 1 to 10 in French and learnt the French names for colours.

When Gorilla Class return from the half term holidays we are all looking forward to learning about The Great Fire of London.

December 2017

We have had such a busy Autumn term learning about celebrations and festivals in our topic called ‘Food, Family and Fun!’ Our focus has been on birthdays … our birthdays and how birthdays are celebrated around the world! We have learnt to plan a birthday party, we have enjoyed playing familiar and unfamiliar games, learning how children in other parts of the world celebrate their birthdays and engaging in different party activities like smashing a piñata which we made ourselves. This was great fun and there was lots of laughing as we hit the dinosaur and fish!

While learning about parties and the types of food we have at parties we have also learnt about healthy foods and enjoyed making fruit and vegetable kebabs. We thought these were very tasty!

As a school we celebrated Harvest Festival and learnt why Harvest Festival is important. We all enjoyed bringing food items from home to help feed people who do not have enough food in their homes. We liked going to the church to sing songs about Harvest Festival and taking our decorated boxes filled to the brim with food.

We are very lucky to be able to go to Mountbatten Centre every Wednesday morning to go swimming. We are all getting more confident in the water, some of us enjoy being under the water more than on top and there are a few of us that are trying to use the correct strokes for swimming. We love diving for pool toys and seeing who can collect the most! Some of us who do not like to get our faces wet have learnt that we can pick these toys up with our feet!

We have continued to enjoy stories in Gorilla Class and the last few books have been about animals that live in Africa. We have learnt about some unusual animals. Do you know what a pangolin, a guinea fowl, a warthog, a porcupine, an aardvark, a hyena, a bat eared fox or a bush baby are? Ask us in Gorilla Class, we do!

It has been a great term so far with lots of exciting and engaging learning having taken place!

Welcome to Gorilla Class

We are off to a wonderful start – Team Day and Topic Launch Day have already taken place and Gorilla Class participated very enthusiastically in both events! There was lots of hands-on activities to get involved in on both days. On Team Day we iced and decorated biscuits with our team colours, made salt dough handprints and painted them with red, green, yellow or purple paint. We also played games with balloons … Who was able to blow their balloon across the classroom in the quickest time? Who would be the first to pop a balloon by sitting on it? Some of us had to block our ears for that one!

On Topic Launch Day we introduced our topic ‘Food, family and Fun’ which is going to be all about celebrations and festivals. The day started with Gorilla Class attending a festival. There were tents, music, face paint, a darkened room, lighting effects, dressing up items and wristbands. We all got to play on the drum set (even the staff!) and had fun playing many other musical instruments. We made party decorations like garlands, bunting and paper chains and played party games including Pass the Parcel and musical chairs - our favourites!

We have started Forest School and Kayaking and realise how lucky we are to be able to go off site two days in a row! All these exciting and fun activities have been shared with our new staff member, Graham and our new pupil and friend, Brandon. Welcome to Gorilla Class Graham and Brandon and also to our new Year 3s, Zac, Peyton, Ben and Areen.

We have a very colourful Gorilla in our class which we decorated with bright tissue paper and patterned fabric. We have engaged with many storybooks already in a variety of ways, but especially loved acting out ‘Goodnight Gorilla’!

We are a terrific class team and we know that we have many exciting learning opportunities ahead of us. Watch this space to hear what else we have been up to!