February 2018

It has been another busy half term in Giraffe Class.

Our theme this term is Danger! The term started with visits from the RNLI, Air Ambulance, Police Force and Fires Service. The children were really excited to see a real fire engine and police car and they loved taking turns to sit in them. They also enjoyed sitting in an inflatable boat and having the chance to use the fire hose. They also role played being paramedics, doctors and police officers; taking fingerprints and learning how to help each other.

So far we have considered who helps us in the community, such as the emergency services. We have also looked at safety closer to home and focused on how to stay safe in the kitchen. We have practiced using kitchen equipment including knives, kettles and toasters safely, and thought about what not to touch!

We have been continuing our visits to Redwood to swim every week and have been working on water confidence and travelling in the water. We have also been working on co-ordination and balancing in gymnastics this term.

We have also been lucky enough to have started Forest Schools with Fran on Fridays which the children have all enjoyed.

December 2017

Well this term has gone quickly and we have been very busy in Giraffe Class!

Our topic of celebrations has given us the opportunity to make and try lots of party food. We enjoyed cakes and biscuits, as well as different sandwiches and snack foods. We also tried some food which are used for celebrations in different parts of the world, such as apples and honey, and bagels with different toppings.

We have also made lots of lovely decorations and cards, as well as enjoying learning party dances.

We have continued to enjoy our swimming lessons at Redwood School and have tried new skills such as retrieving items from the bottom of the pool, kicking our legs to cross the pool, and jumping and turning around.

During our pottery sessions with Neil the potter we have had fun making model food including some spectacular cakes!

Welcome to Giraffe Class

Giraffe class have had a very busy start to the term. We have packed so much in already! Our topic this term focuses on fun and celebrations, and our topic launch day reflected this with a fantastic fun atmosphere. We enjoyed celebration music and dancing. We also pretended to be at a festival and enjoyed using tents and special lights.

During our topic work, we have started to learn about the food and drinks that people use to celebrate special events and occasions around the world. We have made choices of the foods we would like to use, and expressed preferences. We have used tools carefully, and learnt about food that people from around the world enjoy during celebrations.

We have all really enjoyed our first swimming lesson of the year at Redwood Park Academy and came back to school tired but very happy. We have also a pottery session with Neil the potter where we learnt how to use clay to make different shapes.

We had a fantastic time on Team Day; the children looked great in their coloured t-shirts. There were lots of activities based on their team colours and working together as a team. Each team made a wonderful collage in the team colour. They were amazing!