Welcome to Giraffe Class, it has already been a fun filled half term. The class have been extremely lucky to go swimming, which has been enjoyed by all. Not only has the whole class had fun in the pool, sharing and playing together but it has been an excellent opportunity to practise some dressing skills. The class have also been doing this at school too. Adian is learning to do his zip up on his own, he is trying very hard!
Upper school launched its new topic called ‘Incredible Me!’ so Giraffe class begun by learning who’s who and what everyone’s likes and dislikes. Leah said she liked tasting Hula-Hoops!
The class have been establishing their routines and are settled back into their timetables. Sanika has been working independently completing 5 box tasks on her own and Ronnie has been learning to extend his communication by using an aided language board, to request for different coloured cars. Nathan had a fabulous time back in music lessons, he used coloured chimes and followed the sequence carefully.
The whole class is looking forward to seeing what the rest of the term brings and learning more about each other during their topic work.