Welcome to Giraffe class’ website page! The class consists of eight children, seven boys and a girl. Five of us were in the class last year and we are now in year groups 4, 5 and 6. Paul is our class teacher and Sheila, Hanna and Paula are the Teaching Assistants.

Giraffe class have had a fantastic Viking themed first term. We were very excited to be learning about Vikings and really enjoyed the Upper School topic launch day especially designing and creating model Viking long ships and racing them across the swimming pool! We have also really enjoyed working with Neil the specialist pottery teacher and have made lots of Viking sculptures including longboats and shields out of clay.

We all (including the staff!) have had great fun at our swimming sessions at Redwood Park School; we go first thing on a Monday morning which wakes us all up and gets our week off to a fantastic start!

We have also been going to the Forest with Fran every Friday morning and have enjoyed and achieved so much each week, for some of us now knowing that it’s ok to get muddy!

Spring 2017

Giraffe class have had a very exciting first half of the spring term! We have really enjoyed learning about polar explorers as part of our ‘Into the Unknown’ topic.

We began the term by setting up a range of tents in the class room to create a mountaineers base camp and loved sheltering from the wind created by a large scale fan.

Next we investigated what items of clothing are worn by polar explorers and planned what we would need to wear if we were in such cold weather conditions. This was followed by us choosing and dressing up in the winter clothes we planned we would need.

We were lucky enough that on our first forest schools visit we were greeted with a nice covering of snow teaching us how vital our warm, dry clothing really was as we explored the forest through the snow and crossing frozen streams.

Since then we have built on our real life experiences to plan and create a number of different stories supported by symbols about us as explorers and our trips into the unknown.

Spring 2

Giraffe class have really enjoyed learning about our topic ‘Into the Unknown’. The first half term we mainly learned about polar explorers and have spent the second half term comparing these to the first explorers to new continents across the world and astronauts flying to the moon from Neil Armstrong to Tim Peak.  We have also learnt about the Wright brothers and their early flying machines.

During our Modern Foreign Language days we learnt the names of colours in Italian and had a class competition to request our favourite toppings in Italian, supported by symbols, to make giant pizzas in two teams!

Included in our many highlights this term has been making and eating pancakes on Pancake Day, dressing up as our favourite book characters for World Book Day including Wally from Where’s Wally, an Umpa Lumpa from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Elsa from Frozen.  We also all wore red and took part in fun activities to celebrate and raise money for Comic Relief.

Lewis had a great week on the year 6 residential on the Isle of Wight with some of his favourite activities being kayaking, quad biking and the zip wire.

We have also loved our weekly swimming sessions and seeing how the forest has changed over the season on our regular trips to hundred acre woods for Forest School.

Everybody in Giraffe class is looking forward to our Easter holidays and eating lots of chocolate Easter eggs!  We are all very excited about next terms topic called ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ which we will explain in greater detail in our next website article.

Summer 2017

Giraffe class had a very busy first half of the summer term and had a great time learning about a range of African and Indian animals, their habitats and how they adapted to life in their chosen environments as part of our topic ‘Rumble in the Jungle’.

Our favourite animal was the crocodile; for topic day we made a life-size 8-foot crocodile using boxes, string and paper scales! We got dressed as explorers to make a video set in the environmental area where we were chased by the crocodile and later showed it to the rest of the upper school classes in the key stage 2 assembly, it was well received and great fun for all who took part!

We really enjoyed our weekly kayaking sessions and paddled a full mile in one session for National kayaking week. We were also lucky enough to work with our specialist pottery teacher Neil again, where we made a range of animals in line with our topic including elephants and crocodiles.

We had a very creative week during arts week where we made a number of both individual and group pieces of artwork based around our focus shape, which was a diamond. We used plants to make a portrait frame and took individual photos in the environmental area. We used our forest school session to create a large diamond made of natural materials found in the forest, then collected fir cones and sticks to make a 3D diamond sculpture back in class. We turned our classroom into an art gallery and loved displaying all of our artwork from the week, showing it to our families and other children and staff in the school.