September 2018

Welcome back to Giraffe Class after a beautiful, sunny summer holiday!  The eight pupils in Giraffes have been super busy already getting to know their new class friends and the staff. Through a range of ‘Bucket’ activities and other circle games the pupils have learnt who everyone is and are all so welcoming to each other, that it’s been a real pleasure just to hear them say ‘Hello’ in the mornings! 

Giraffes have already been out to the forest with Fran and enjoyed swimming at Redwood. Along with visiting the school library to choose new reading books Giraffe pupils have visited the environmental area as part of the new topic ‘Survival of the Fittest’!   They then finished the second week by participating in the whole school team day launch as well! This was a great success - Purple team setting the lead in the point’s race.

With so many exciting activities going on you’ll be surprised to learn that the Giraffe pupils have even managed to squeeze in a little learning! They have impressed staff with their number knowledge as well as writing with symbols.  Some pupils, such as our new pupil Aarya, along with Connie, showed how beautifully they can write using a word bank to name a range of familiar pets too – brilliant! Connie even demonstrated how well she could read and follow instructions when making a face in art!

Wow what a lot has happened and we’ve only been back two weeks…! Watch this space for more exciting tales from Giraffe Class learning experiences 2018-19.