February 2019

What a super start Giraffes have had to their spring topic! ‘The Inventor’s Shed’ launch day had everyone’s creative juices flowing as they learnt how to plan and make a range of models using junk boxes, tools and fastenings. Kruz really loved using different sized boxes with sticky tape and glue to make his cars, while Dylan chose a large plastic bottle for the main part of his rocket with coloured, covered card for the wings - whooooosh! This fabulous day helped to kick start the learning for this term as we began to think about materials and how they are used!

Giraffe pupils started by identifying six different materials such as wood, paper, plastic, sponge, metal and fabric. They learnt to recognise and label different objects by what they are made of as well as investigating which materials are best for different items. They have also been learning about the tools we use to join materials together with such as staplers, glue sticks, needles & thread and how to hold them correctly and safely.  Aarya particularly loved joining two pieces of wood together using a hammer and some nails – bang, bang!

Pupils have also been learning about changing the state of materials such as liquids into solids. Connie showed she could follow a series of questions to identify different liquids in a book, while Dylan loved making and testing his paper bag to see if it could hold water! We both got a bit soggy during this test – oops!  Bailey preferred learning how to turn water into ice by filling an ice cube tray and putting it in the freezer overnight! He and Joshua then had even more fun testing how to change it back again by either using a hairdryer or warming the ice cubes up in their hands – brrr!

What a lot of super inventors and young scientists in the making!!!