Spring 2019

Giraffe class have had a brilliant spring term! In life skills they have learnt to use lifts and escalators safely, eat out, walk past automatic doors into shops and even bought a few items such as shaving foam for the classroom bucket times! Connie and Bailey were very helpful in pulling the shopping baskets, while Dylan and Kruz used their shopping lists to find what we wanted to buy.

Giraffes have also enjoyed weekly climbing trips to Fort Widley where both James and Connie managed to reach the top of the wall.  In PE Bailey, Joshua and Aarya mastered a range of climbing frames and balance beams while the others learnt to control their movements and jump safely down from the apparatus onto big mats.

In topic Giraffes have enjoyed a range of investigating such as floating and sinking, testing materials to see which ones work best e.g. paper or tin foil. The pupils have learnt to make a range of items such as boats, model cars and rockets while collaborating to design and build a giant mobile for our topic display. They even had the opportunity to learn how to use the telephone and call each other around school to say hello!  All the pupils have worked so hard and have learnt a lot. They very much enjoyed learning to use hammers and nails so much, it was decided that they would each make their own numeral digit for the display mobile phone!  What a fabulous term!