Welcome back to Elephant Class after a marvellous, summer holiday. The pupils in Elephant have been super busy already getting to know their new class friends and teachers. Through a range of group activities the pupils have learnt who everyone is and have settled well into the class.  Team day found Elephants sharing many colour activities such as colour bubble blow as part of ‘Bucket’ time and joined upper school for a colour treasure hunt around the school! All the class have already explored the new rooms in the school, learning the new class names and have just loving going out to enjoy the warm weather on the new swings and rope ladders in environmental area.

As part of our topic this term ‘Made in Portsmouth’ Elephant class have been out for their first life skills lesson, visiting Southsea funfair and park. Dylan spied the big wheel first before joining Connie who was looking at the postcards outside the shops selling gifts to tourists. Bailey and Mollie even found where to go to buy an ice cream or candy floss! Everyone loved going to the park afterwards which is one of the many things you can do in the city.

Topic launch day was lots of fun too! Elephant class loved the sensory beach in Tiger class making lots of sand castle and watery pictures. They also learnt to sing ‘Play up Pompey’ in music, just like the football crowd at Fratton Park and had a great time painting and sticking making house and the Portsmouth logo – such fun!