Our Year 6s are already showing how grown-up they are in Crocodile Class! They have settled very quickly into the routines of every day and are being excellent role models for the younger children in the school.

A wonderful team spirit has already resulted in Crocodile Class from positive behaviour and being kind and friendly to each other. The children are sharing the reward equipment and are having sensible discussions about problem solving.

Crocodile Class has had their first visit to Mountbatten Centre for swimming and they also got to go to Forest School this week. They were very excited about taking responsibility for their own backpacks that they take with them, filled with different goodies to be used in the Forest.

Our first PE lesson took place on Monday afternoon and Crocodile Class really enjoyed the lesson with Justin. We played all sorts of ball games and kept moving all of the time!

We also got to celebrate our team colours when the teams got together to play games and build team spirit. Crocodile Class have four team captains representing the teams.

We have enjoyed making transport shaped biscuits which were delicious and we are very excited to be learning about the place that we live in. Our topic is ‘Made in Portsmouth’ and we got to make different significant buildings in Portsmouth with cardboard boxes! Role playing flying in an aeroplane and being served by air stewards was a firm favourite on Topic Launch Day!

Only two weeks have passed by, but so much has happened already. We look forward to lots more fun learning and taking part in all the activities that are on offer at Cliffdale! We love our school and feel very lucky to be able to be here.