Spring 2019

Crocodile class have had a very busy half term, we have all worked so hard and thoroughly enjoyed all the learning that has been taking place around our topic, ‘The Inventor’s Shed’.

We have further developed our practical skills in our topic learning and have learnt how to use a range of DT equipment safely. We have been using saws, screwdrivers, sandpaper, nails and hammers and as a result we have made some wonderful bird boxes for our school environmental area.

During this half term we have also learnt about the invention of the telephone and compared telephones that we use nowadays to those that were used a long time ago…they are very different!

In maths we have been learning about division and sharing quantities equally between groups. We are also continuing to learn to tell the time on analogue and digital clocks.

Our English lessons have been based around non-fiction texts and instructional writing. We were very excited to learn about Wallace and Gromit’s inventions such as the Jam Ballista and the Techno Trousers! We also had the chance to create our own inventions and draw detailed pictures that labelled each part of the machine.

During RE day we celebrated the Hindu festival of Holi and had lots of colourful fun