Welcome to Crocodile Class! We have got 12 children in our class, there are eight boys and four girls; we are all in Year 5 and 6. So for some of us, this is our last year at Cliffdale!

Kim is our Class Teacher and Laura, Sam and Sue are the teaching assistants, as well as Jane on a Monday. We have also got a student teacher in our class, called Coralie. Timmy is our class pet, he’s a gecko and we all take it in turns to look after him in school.

We have had a really busy year already this year! In the Autumn term we have been swimming every week at the Mountbatten Centre, been to the Forest with Fran every Wednesday and started rehearsals for JRock!

The rest of this year is going to be just as busy! We have got our JRock dance performance in March at the Guildhall in Portsmouth – we are all very excited! We are also going on residential for a week. The children in Year 6 go first, at the end of March to Little Canada on the Isle of Wight and the Year 5 children go to Fairthorne Manor in Southampton in May.

Everyone in Year 6 is especially excited to be getting ready for transition work to Redwood Park in the summer term.

Spring 2017


We have been journeying into the unknown in Crocodile Class this term. As part of our topic we have learnt about various polar explorers such as Captain Scott and Ernest Shakleton. We created polar scenes in dioramas which we then used as the settings for some very interesting and exciting adventure stories which we wrote using different IT software.  We looked in detail at the equipment they used in the Victorian times to explore and compared it to the equipment explorers use today.

Crocodile class have been enjoying learning about horticulture with Ed Bond, using our outside garden area. So far, we have prepared the raised beds ready for sewing vegetables in the spring and have learnt about decomposition by making ‘zombie veg people’ who are already starting to rot and look very gruesome!

We have also worked outside to produce some large scale pieces of art work based on the works of Andy Goldsworthy and Robert Smithson. We used a variety of natural materials and created the idea of a journey using the materials.  Some of us created circles or spirals and others created linear journeys.

In our Wednesday Science lessons we have learning to think and work scientifically and this has meant we have been able to carry out lots of experiments!!  Our favourites have been the ones where we can get really messy!  We recorded the results of experiments such as how to separate different materials and made observations of strange mixtures like oobleck!

We were asked to become Teachers for Team Day and planned and delivered lessons to children in Elephant and Hippo class. We thoroughly enjoyed doing this, even though it was hard work! We are all very excited about rehearsing for the J Rock dance competition taking place in March and the Year 6’s going to Little Canada on residential this term.

Spring 2


Crocodile Class have continued our journey ‘Into the Unknown’ this half term and have focussed our learning on air and space exploration. We learned about the first great aviators like the Wright Brothers and the famous first moon landing in 1969.

All our English work was based on these topics and we read and wrote newspapers about the first air flights.  This involved lots of research which we did in pairs.  We watched old video clips and made some of our own.  We used different IT software to publish our newspapers.  Learning about space gave us lots of opportunities to learn new topic words such as ‘galaxy’ and ‘universe’.  We put these new words to good use in some space poems which we mixed with some art work.

In Science, we have continued to develop our observation, prediction and recording skills through lots of fun and hands-on activities. We observed the effect of thrust on boats and air resistance on aeroplanes. We also recorded the effects of mixing different ingredients together, for example in a volcano!

In Maths, we have been working extremely hard on multiplication tables!  We have learned to do this in a number of different ways, using objects (such as Lego) and by drawing ‘arrays’ which are pictures to help us to solve the question. We have even started learning them ‘off-by-heart’!  We’ve made some really good challenge games to help us!

Summer 2017

This term, Crocodile class have been loving their new topic ‘Rumble in the Jungle’.  We have been learning all about the wildlife of Africa and India, including snakes, crocodiles, fish and birds.

On our Theme Day (Thursdays), we have linked all our learning together with a story title such as ‘How did the bird get its song?’  We have then undertaken activities to create stories to answer this question, in the style of African oral storytelling or Indian puppet shows. We particularly enjoyed making huge crocodiles by weaving pieces of paper and creating colourful snake rangoli patterns.

In English, we have focussed on making our writing more exciting by using simile, adverbs and adjectives. In Maths, we have been learning to solve division problems in lots of different ways.

The seven children who are in Year 6 in Crocodile class, have also been visiting Redwood Park Academy every Friday morning as part of our transition programme. We have been getting to know our new Teachers and school friends by doing lots of fun activities and challenges. We are most excited about the swimming pool, the exercise equipment on the field, the woodwork room and the three cookery areas!