Welcome to the new school year after a beautiful, sunny summer holidays! We have already been busy in Alpaca class getting to know our new class friends and teachers. Through a range of ‘Bucket’ activities and other games, we have now learnt who everyone is and welcome each other in the mornings with a big ‘hello!’

Alpaca class are very excited to start the new school year off by learning all about ‘Portsmouth’. We will be learning all about the city that we live in, what transport we use to get around and what brilliant activities there are to do. We will learn the names of historic places, read non-fiction texts about towns and what type of shops we may see, write sentences to describe photos of places in Portsmouth and will even get the opportunity to take a bus ride around the city, visiting different play parks, supermarkets and maybe even take a ride on a train.

Alpaca class are very lucky to be participating in Kayaking sessions this half term. What great fun we will have in the water… don’t forget a waterproof coat!

Our neighbouring class are Flamingo Class and we have taken turns and played games with the other children and even made some sandwiches to share with everyone at snack time. We had lots of fun.

As you can see we are already keeping ourselves very busy, including getting arty with natural objects in Creativity, having team day AND topic launch day! It’s going to be a brilliant term