School Teams

To strengthen the Cliffdale school community we have school teams. Every child and member of staff has been allocated to one of four teams. Those teams are named from the colours of the Cliffdale star and are Red, Purple, Yellow and Green.

Every term the whole school participate in a team day, children and adults wear their team colour t-shirts to school and participate in colour activities during their sessions in the morning. Then in the afternoon the teams come together to enjoy a number of team building activities with points for effort and team spirit.

Throughout the year teams score points for good work, great behaviour and sports. Points are given for the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards, points for sporting fixtures and holiday diaries, pupils get awarded points for participation in extracurricular activities and every Friday assembly we count up the team points total and found out which team is ahead. On sports day we have points for every event, resulting in sports day team champions!

Everyone enjoys working together in mixed age teams and getting to know each other better, with year groups working together, supporting each other with a sense of belonging.