What a busy start we’ve had in Racoon class! Whilst getting to know new friends and remember class routines, the pupils have launched themselves into Space this week through an exciting story called `Racoon on the Moon’.  After reading it several times across the week, the class were able to retell the story in different ways.  Joel was excited to point out his favourite characters in the book and tell us the story, and Osman was able to make simple sentences.  Ollie D. was able to organise a rocket countdown from ten to zero, whilst Brandon got busy making rockets from 2D shapes.

Everyone in the class made aliens for our display board using playdough, sticks, googly eyes and buttons. Jack and Oliver P. followed instructions and worked together to make `moon rock’ biscuits.

Plamen explored flying and weightlessness using balls and balloons.

Meanwhile, everyone designed and painted rockets. We then had a competition to see whose rocket would fly the furthest.

What a great week - the sky’s the limit for these spacemen!