Spring 2019

Panda class have continued to enjoy our spring topic all about ‘Messy Mixtures’ and in particular have liked reading the book ‘Superkid’.  The children dressed up as superheroes and made their very own capes and masks and loved looking at themselves in the big mirror!

We have been learning all about materials and their properties such as hard and soft, rough or smooth. Next we looked at ice and watched it melt away, and problem solved how to retrieve objects from frozen blocks - what great fun!

We have also investigated different materials and took part in an experiment to see which material would be best to protect an egg from cracking when we dropped it from a height! We sang a song we’d learnt in music with Elizabeth, ‘Oh no what a mess!’ when the egg cracked all over the floor!

In Maths, we counted out masks and capes to match a number and also counted how many superheroes we could put in the clouds. We have also been working hard to learn our colours by recognising different coloured superhero boots! In English, we have read a range of books and written sentences using symbols.  We have been learning topic words such as ‘cape’, ‘balloon’ and ‘boots’.

In creativity, we used paint and printed our very own Superhero pants! We chose our favourite shape from a range and selected different colours. During our RE days we celebrated the Hindu festival of Holi and had lots of colourful fun and also celebrated the Jewish festival ‘Purim’.

We have continued our weekly trips out on the bus to local parks, learning to manage different environments and take turns with our friends.