Welcome to Panda Class! We are a class of seven children and we are all in year 1 apart from our youngest member, who is joining us in school for the first time and is in Reception year. Four of us were new to Cliffdale this year though, so school is a big adventure for us! Our class teacher is called Ruth and our teaching assistants are Kay, Karen and Andrea.

We are loving our new class and have settled really well into the routines and are enjoying school. We are all very happy to have a wonderful outside area attached to our classroom. We are often to be found out there whatever the weather, enjoying getting messy in our sensory learning activities. We all love to be active and so we enjoy going out and about and learning in the soft room or the hall, as well as in our classroom.

We are all becoming more confident and more independent as we learn to communicate with a wider range of people, and our families were so proud of us when we performed in the Christmas show.

We are now looking forward to the Spring Term when we will learn to travel on the minibus up to Redwood Park School to use their swimming pool!

Spring 2017

Panda class have had a fabulous first half of the spring term. With the new topic ‘Over the Rainbow’ the pupils have been learning all about colours. In art pupils have been learning to use paint to mix primary colours such as red, yellow and blue to make secondary colours green, orange and purple. They have also been learning about different shades of colours by adding white or black.

In science pupils have been learning about light and dark. They have been learning to observe the changes in a room by turning on and off different light sources, used torches to make shadow and look for certain coloured objects in a group as well as mixing coloured cellophane sheet on the light box to make new colours. They have even observed a rainbow of colours on the classroom window and its effect on the classroom floor when the sun shines through it.

Panda class have also been learning about how to stay safe out in the environment as part of PSHE. They have been learning how to get on and off the minibus safety and sit with their seatbelts on while the minibus is in motion. The pupils have also been excited to explore the woods wearing suitable outdoor clothing, loving the muddle puddles and tree houses which they found. They have also had a great time investigating how to climb safely on the large apparatus in the park.  

With all this going on, Panda class have had such a busy time that you would think it was impossible to do anymore! However the pupils have also had the fabulous opportunity to go swimming once a week at Redwood Park. Here the pupils have been learning how to enter the pool safely, float on their backs with support and some have even enjoyed a little underwater time too!

Spring 2

Panda class had a super second half to the spring term! The two colour books the really loved reading about were ‘The Purple Crayon’ and ‘The Big Green Monster’.  The children learnt how to make a range of marks using a purple pen creating their own pictures for a classroom display.  Keira really loved learning how to add and mix red paint to blue to make purple, while Macie learnt how to sort four different types of green objects into groups. Neeson even learnt how to count out green monster faces to four!

Sam loved wearing the green googly eye glasses and Luke learnt how to handle books with symbols!  Francesca loved learning how to make different sounds in science and all the pupils continued to enjoy outdoor learning going to the park, walking past the shops, crossing the road using a pelican crossing as well as staying safe in the woods. What a fabulous topic – ‘Over the Rainbow’ has been!

Summer 2017

Sail away, sail away, sail away... with our ‘Busy Boats’ story which all of the children in Panda Class loved reading for the start of our ‘Splish, Splash, Splosh’ summer term topic.  Using different printing tools Macie learnt how to cover her boat with paint in a repetitive printing style while Keira investigated different boats on the waterway track outside.  Samuel and Francesca have been practising their pouring skills using the guttering run and Luke has learnt to fill and pour water from a teapot into different size containers.

In science all the children have been learning about floating and sinking, choosing and testing different objects to investigate what would happen! Neeson has even had a go at making a prediction about his object before testing it in a bowl of water using symbols. Across this topic, the children will be learning about the many ways we use water and where to find it.

As part of the topic launch day the children all had the opportunity to visit the school’s environmental area.  Ismah learnt how to use a fishing net to capture little tadpoles that live in the pond and spent a long time observing them in the fish tank!  With so much water; in the home, in ponds and rivers, the weather and the sea there will be lots of very wet learning opportunities to come!

Water, water everywhere…!!!