February 2018

After a fabulous topic launch day this spring term, Panda class have continued to learn all about farm animals. They have taken part in a range of farm related group activities. Pupils have had a go at painting the black and white patches on a cow, dropping feathers to make a hen and have loved watching pigs go splat in sticky mud. Pandas have been learning to name different farm animals and label their body parts such as wings on a duck or a snout on a pig.

As well as the topic activities, pupils have also been learning to make a range of horizontal and vertical marks on paper, on computers and outside on the floor using their fingers, brushes, pens, pencils and chalks. Pandas have also worked on their play skills using simple scripted identiplay toys and a range of games to learn how to share and take turns. Ronnie loved pulling out the leaves in the ‘Honey bees’ game while Leah was excellent at pushing the swords into the barrel to make the pirate pop up!

With all this going on Pandas still found time to visit the forest with Fran and go swimming once a week. Flyn is a natural in the woods, helping to build dens and climbing trees. Francesca, Luke and Samuel are excelling in the swimming pool floating on their back or learning to tread water in the deep end. Wow!

December 2017

Panda class have been really enjoying their topic for the autumn term ‘Knock, knock, who’s there?’. They have learnt all about houses and homes, both inside and out. Ronnie was really good at learning to label the parts of the house using symbols while Ismah and Luke loved acting out the ‘Knock, Knock’ story, finding the different characters behind the wooden door. Francesca learnt to sort and make groups of objects from the kitchen using items such as plates and spoons.

As part of the bathroom activities we found Flyn taking great care to bath a dolly using bubble bath and a sponge while Leah showed us how to brush her teeth, squeezing the tooth paste carefully onto her toothbrush. Samuel even showed how well he could follow a visual schedule to get himself ready for bed e.g. pyjamas on, brush teeth, into bed and share a story which he just loved. Thank goodness he didn’t fall asleep as well – with so much learning going on there’s no time for a snooze in this school!

Welcome to Panda Class

We hope you all had a super summer holiday. This year Panda class has seven pupils, one of whom is new to Cliffdale Primary Academy and two from other classes. All the pupils have been keen to investigate their new classroom and have quickly settled back into school routines. The Autumn term topic this year is called ‘Knock, Knock, Who’s there?’ and we are looking forward to starting our new and exciting creative curriculum. Every afternoon will now be filled with a rolling programme of study covering our new four areas of learning which are; The World Around Us, Creative, Physical Development & Health and Social & Emotional.

Throughout this term the pupils will be learning all about ‘Houses and homes’, what they look like, the materials used to build houses, types of rooms they have and what you can do in each of those rooms. Each term the new topic begins with a topic launch day (20th September) where pupils join together with other Lower School classes and take part in some fun activities which will help introduce what the topic is all about.

So far in our first week we have been investigating the new space that is our classroom for the year as well as the school at large for geography. Pupils have been learning routines as well as learning how to use the visual schedule to get around the class and school. They have also had the opportunity to get to know each other and the staff in Panda class.

Luke, Francesca and Ronnie have loved exploring the new equipment in Panda classes outside space while Flyn and Ismah have been practicing their play skills and learning how to take turns with an adult. Leah has been investigating ways to manipulate clay while Samuel has been learning how to tidy up, even washing the classroom windows in the process! The best experience so far has to be learning our way around school, particularly to the schools environmental area – great fun and super learning had by all out here. Leah in particular was enchanted by the pond life she caught in her bucket exclaiming ‘It’s an insect!’ while proudly showing off her water nymph!