February 2019

After a fantastic Topic launch day, this term Panda class are learning all about ‘messy mixtures.’  We have been observing the changes in materials such as ice and watching it melt away. Brandon particularly enjoyed problem solving how to retrieve a Lego man out of a block of ice and used a range of different tools to see which was best!  Lily-Beth liked making marks on paper using frozen paint ice cubes. Bucket sessions have included getting ‘messy’ and the children really sustained focus when we did a ‘flour shaker snowman’ bucket and Lizzie got covered in white flour which made everyone laugh!

Freya has been working hard with recognising and ordering numerals and has been ordering numbered snowflakes.  Osman has been writing sentences about the ‘Snow girl’ by matching symbols on top of a model.

We have also been getting messy in the mud kitchen and making lots of mud pies! Alex enjoyed using a big spoon and scooping the mud into a bowl and said ‘mix mix mix’. Josef and Leo loved making their very own mud paint and using a paintbrush to mark lines and circle strokes on paper.

With all this going on Pandas still found time to visit the forest with Fran once a week with Alexander being a natural in the woods enjoying stamping around in the muddy parts and collecting sticks to mix around in the mud.

It has been a great start to the term and we are looking forward to making more messy mixtures after the holidays!