Spring 2021

This term the children in Orangutan Class have enjoyed activities based around the topic ‘Friends of Mine’. It has been a strange term with the lockdowns and class closures, but we have been very pleased to welcome all the children back in the past few weeks even if just for a few days each! To make sure that the class has kept in touch with each other children at home have joined us for ‘Live Learning’ sessions via Teams. This has been an opportunity to sing songs and dance together. One of the highlights of the topic so far has been spending time working and playing together. The children have worked hard to share activities and toys with their friends or staff members, including lots of messy play, sitting together at choose time and even playing games in the soft play! 

As always Orangutan Class continue to love Bucket Time sessions! As the children’s interest and attention has increased, Bucket Time has started to include a ‘Stage Three’ activity. This involves children and staff taking a turn to complete a shared activity. Ruby and Aiden have excelled during these activities and relished the opportunity to have their turn in front of the class!

Some of the best achievements this term have been with the children's communication skills.  Aiden, Dillon and Tyler have all worked so hard with their new PECS books and can now choose what they want for snack, singing or choosing time. This has been amazing to see. Ruby and Summer have also worked hard on their communication skills and have been using their personalised communication books to create two- and three-word sentences. It has been wonderful to hear how some of the class have been using their communication skills at home too. The weather has been lovely this term and the children have enjoyed making more use of their outside learning space and have particularly enjoyed water play.

It has been a lovely few weeks settling back into the routine of school; Orangutan Class have got six happy children all ready to learn and have fun!  Orangutan Class have really enjoyed spending time in the outside area as part of the new topic.  Marwan loves riding on the bike, even giving his friends a lift!   Ruby enjoys bubbles and is working hard at using her PECS to request for them.  Dillon has had so much filling and emptying containers, he has used sand, sea shells, acorns and leaves!  Tyler has been engaging so well already in some practical box tasks, this enables him to focus on one object which he can handle, move and then post it!

‘Attention Bucket’ is a real hit with the whole class, it is a great time for them to all be together and share the same activity.  The other aspect of Attention Bucket that the class love, is the anticipation, as soon as the staff start to sing, the whole class is hooked!  It is a particular joy to see how excited Tyler gets when he sees the bucket come out!  

Lower school topic this term is ‘Secret Garden’ and Orangutan class have kick-started this off with the book ‘Growing Vegetable Soup’.   Marwan was the first to find a worm in the soil and Dillon has been very confident interacting with the messy materials.  Orangutan class are looking forward to a lot more gardening, growing, planting and hopefully finding some more mini beasts!