September 2018

Monkey class have had a great start to the school year and we have all settled in so well! We have been very busy getting to know each other and are getting used to our class routine.  There are eight fantastic new children in Monkey class along with Hayley the class teacher and Sarah, Karen and Wendy the class TAs.

To help us remember that we are in Monkey class we have been doing lots of fun Monkey related activities. In English, we have been sharing the story ‘Not Me Said the Monkey!’ Annie and Logan love the part in the story when the elephant splashes the cheeky monkey!

In Maths we have been singing ‘5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed!’ Oscar has learnt to count the Monkeys on the bed and Charlie is great at making all of the monkeys jump when we sing the song.  Our favourite activity has been visiting the environmental area to find some cheeky little monkeys that were hiding. Woody found all of them…even those that were swinging up high in the trees!

We have also spent time exploring all of the exciting resources in our choosing area. Marwan has been playing in the sensory trays and Albie and Theo like to pull each other along in the big red cart! We ended our first week with our first ever team day! We investigated different coloured sensory trays and painted t-shirts in our team colours.

Monkey class are looking forward to the school year ahead and all that it has to offer!