Spring 2019

Monkey class have continued to learn more about Messy Mixtures this term and have loved getting as messy as they possibly could!  One of the most popular books that the children have read is ‘Meg and Mog’ – all about a witch and her cat. The children enjoyed dressing up as a witch and pretending to make a witch’s potion in a great big cauldron! They added ingredients such as a frog, a bat and a spider! (all pretend animals we must add!)  The children wrote their own spells and even turned some of their teachers into animals! Fortunately the children were kind enough to turn them back into teachers again. Phew!

Another book the children have been reading is ‘Superkid’ – a story about an ordinary boy who turns into a superhero and goes around saving his friends. The children have been learning about real life people who can help us such as firefighters, the police and paramedics who work for the ambulance service. The children were very excited to dress up as people who help us and pretend to be firefighters and police officers, running around the classroom putting out fires and helping their friends.  All the children in Monkey class have been trying to look out for their friends and help them whenever they can – just like Superkid does!