February 2019

This half term Monkey class have been learning all about Messy Mixtures and getting very messy in the process! On topic launch day Monkey class spent lots of time mixing different materials, Gelli-baff, water beads and paint!  The children loved squashing the water beads in their hands and trying to make them pop!

The first book they enjoyed was called ‘The Blue Balloon.’  They spent lots of time investigating balloons, how to blow them up and what happened when they got too big!  They explored a range of blue materials including blue rice, blue pasta and blue play-doh! The pupils had some great ideas when it came to making things out of the play-doh.

The next book they learnt about was called ‘Snow’; they spent lots of time exploring snow and ice. They learnt about what happened to ice when it was warmed up then what happened to water when it was cooled. They made fake snow and fake snowmen and even had a fake snowball fight! This was a particular highlight!