Welcome to Monkey Class! We are a class of six little monkeys all in Reception and Year 1. For four of us it is our first time in big school! There are also two of us in Year 1. Our teacher is Jo and the teaching assistants are Sarah and Lesley.

We are all enjoying our new class and our new school and we have all made friends with each other! We have lots of fun playing outside in our playground whatever the weather and we especially like getting messy!  

We all had great fun learning all about ourselves in the Autumn term and were so settled and confident by Christmas that we all took part in the whole school Christmas show! We were all little stars ~ our families loved watching us in the show. We are really looking forward to going Climbing at Fort Purbrook and Horse Riding at Fort Widley in the Spring term.

Spring 2017

What a successful and busy half term monkey class have had! One of the highlights of the half term has been going rock climbing every week up at Fort Purbrook. The children have been going every Monday and have had the chance to free-climb up the rock climbing wall and even progressed onto using the harness and climbing (with a little help) all the way to the top of the wall by the end of the half term!

 As well as rock climbing the children have also been lucky enough to visit the local park every week – College Park, with their friends in Koala class.  Each week the children have walked to the park taking a different route, to show them that they can get to the same place in a range of way.  Going to the park is also helping the children get used to going to different places and helping them to learn to walk sensibly when outside of school, especially learning to walk and to stop at the road side to look for cars when crossing.

The children have continued to develop their reading, writing and maths skills through a range of activities both inside and outside and have had the opportunity to do lots of outside learning whatever the weather!  Come rain or shine, Monkey class will be outside exploring the environment and learning with their friends.

Spring 2

Monkey class had a very exciting second half of the spring term. The highlight was the weekly trips to Fort Widley to go horse riding. None of the children had ever been on a horse before and by the end of the 6 weeks they were all independently sitting on the horses as they walked around the barn.  Some of the children were even able to collect hoops and beanbags then throw them into a bucket whilst still sitting on the horse!  The children were lucky enough to continue with their weekly visits to the local park, continuing to develop their road safety and learn more about safety in the environment.

Monkey class also spent a lot of time learning outside and helped to create a pretend shop complete with shopping lists, trolleys and baskets. The children loved searching through all the different food items to find a specific one and using the shopping lists helped them with their reading.  Some of the children even tried writing their own shopping lists of all their favourite foods. There were a lot of biscuits and cakes on these ones! 

The upcoming term has lots of exciting activities to look forward to, one being the opportunity to visit the forest each week as part of Forest School learning. Every Thursday morning come rain or shine the children will be going to the forest with Fran, where they will be exploring new environments and learning more about the forest and natural world around them.

Summer 2017

Monkey class have been learning about their new topic ‘Splish, Splash, Splosh!’ and have been getting involved with lots of activities involving water. Topic launch day was particularly exciting as the children got to go pond dipping in the environmental area and explore other sensory activities like crazy foam and Gelli Baff.

So far they have read ‘The Big Red Bath’ and learnt all about how to keep clean and how water is used around the home.  The children enjoyed the book and listening to the story, making the different animal noises as the animals jump into the bath. They have had lots of opportunities to share the book with their friends and to re-tell the story.  Monkey class have also spent some time investigating floating and sinking, testing different items to see what happens when they put them in water.

The next book they are reading is ‘Bears at the Beach’ and the children already enjoy getting the daddy, mummy and baby bear out in class and re-telling some parts of the story.

As this topic is all about the water Monkey class have been making an effort to get outside whatever the weather – especially in the rain!  They have been wearing their waterproof clothing and have been able to spend lots of time out in the rain, splashing and jumping in puddles and trying to keep dry using an umbrella.  They will continue to learn more about water this term, including learning about the beach and beach safety, ponds and pond life and continuing their investigations on floating and sinking.