May 2018

Monkey class are having so much fun learning about different types of transport this term. So far we have learnt all about the different transport that travels by sea and air through a range of stories and songs. We have enjoyed sharing books ‘A Sailor Went to Sea Sea Sea’,  ‘Row Row Row Your Boat’ and ‘That’s Not My Plane’ but our favourite has been ‘Up Up Up.’  It was a really great story about a ride in a hot air balloon! We all loved to join in with the actions and words to the song that accompanied the book, and it has become one of our favourite songs in Monkey Class! We even created our own hot air balloons in our creativity lessons using lots of different coloured pens, paper mache and tissue paper.

In our Maths lessons we have been working hard to recognise, match and order a range of numerals. We have been focussing on learning to recognise numerals when they are not in order. We all played a really fun game outside called ‘Cloud jump!’ We had to pretend to be aeroplanes and fly or jump to a number that Mary shouted out to us! At first we only learnt to do this with numerals 1-5 but we got so good at it, we were challenged to numerals to 10!

Outside of the classroom Monkey class have continued to thrive in their swimming sessions! We also now have Forest School on a Thursday afternoon! This has been a great opportunity for us to practice our dressing and undressing skills and organise our belongings when getting ready for the forest. By Friday we have had such a busy week that we all look forward to the weekend so we can recharge our batteries ready for the next week ahead!

The second part of summer term always is so busy and exciting, we have lots to look forward too! We have lots to learn about transport that travels by road and rail!  We can’t wait to go on a trip to ‘Stanstead’s Light Railway!’ to go on the miniature train. We hope we can all fit on!

March 2018

This half term we have welcomed two new pupils into Monkey class! Francesca and Ronnie settled in really quickly and we have all enjoyed getting to know them. There are now eight little monkeys in our class.

Monkey class have absolutely loved this term’s topic of ‘Fun on the Farm’. We have been learning all about all of the different types of animals that you might find on the farm through a range of stories. We have enjoyed ‘5 Little Ducks,’ ‘Noisy Farm’ and ‘Old Macdonald had a Farm,’ but our favourite has been ‘Pig Got Stuck.’ It is a really funny story about a pig getting stuck in the mud because he has eaten too much! Ronnie was able to read and match symbol sentences to the book and recite the whole story. Osman was able to anticipate and join in with the repeated phrases in the book. In Maths we have continued to work on recognising, matching and ordering numerals. Harry was great at counting out ten pigs into a muddy pigsty.

In our Creativity lessons we have been learning to use a range of media to create meaningful marks. We have experimented with using charcoal, crayons, pencils, and paint. Josef was particularly careful when making circular marks to fill in the outline of a ‘duck’ picture, whilst Danny focussed on tracking the marks he made on the interactive whiteboard. We have also been learning to follow a sequence of photograph instructions to make different animal models out of playdoh. George was able to follow each photograph to find the correct pieces to build his playdoh pig completely independently.

Outside of the classroom Monkey class have continued to fully embrace their swimming sessions on a Friday morning. The progress we have all made every week has been fantastic! We have all continued to increase our confidence in the water and practice some swimming skills. Nathan’s confidence is increasing every week and he is now happy to dip in and out of the pool every lesson and he will sit on a float to splash us all. Francesca impressed us all with her swimming and is now able to doggy paddle up to four widths of the pool!

February 2018

This half term Monkey class have been lucky enough to go swimming on Friday mornings. When we first saw ‘bus’ and ‘swimming’ on our timetable some of us were very excited and some of us were a little bit nervous. Hayley showed us some photographs of the swimming pool at Redwood Park which made us all feel a bit more confident about going. Once we got to Redwood, we spent our time visiting the changing rooms and going to see the swimming pool. We were all really proud of ourselves for visiting a new place and we couldn’t wait to come back the following week.

 When we came into school the next Friday and saw ‘swimming’ and ‘bus’ on the timetable again there were smiles all round! We all got on the bus very excited. We got to Redwood and we happily went down to the changing rooms to get changed. Harry was a little unsure so he decided to sit by the side of the pool and watch.  Once we were all changed we were raring to go and there was no stopping us!

George showed off how confident he was in the water by only using a ‘woggle’ to help him move around the pool. Danny and Osman were able to tread water and kick their legs to make lots of big splashes. Josef was able to doggy paddle from one side of the pool to the other. Nathan built up his confidence to sit on the side of the pool and kick his legs in the water.

Harry became more intrigued as to what all of his friends were doing in the water. He watched from the side of the pool and gradually moved closer. He was then interested in playing with some of the pool toys in the water and began throwing them in and making lots of splashes. This was enough to encourage Harry to get changed and within no time he was happy to get in the pool for a quick splash around before getting out again!

It was a very successful first swimming lesson and we are looking forward to going every week and seeing the progress we all make!

December 2017

Wow! What a fantastic first term we have had in Monkey class. We have been enjoying our topic ‘Knock Knock Who’s There?’ and learning all about different types of houses and homes. We have been finding out about the different rooms you may find in a house. We have focused on three different rooms; the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. We learnt about where each room might be in a house, what furniture belongs where and what you might do in all of the different rooms.

When we learnt about ‘the kitchen’ we became cooks for the afternoon. We all visited the cookery room and had to find different utensils and cooking appliances. We then learnt how to use some of these utensils to cook scrambled egg. George helped break the eggs into a bowl and Danny was in charge of mixing the eggs together. After making the scrambled eggs we learnt how to wash and dry up our plates. Nathan took his time making sure they were extra clean…we didn’t have a dishwasher to do it for us!

Learning about the bedroom meant we got to have a sleepover! First we used the dolls’ house to label the different furniture we might find in a bedroom and then we went to Hippo class for a sleepover. Before getting ready for bed we learnt how to make hot chocolate and then some of us put our pyjamas on before we got into bed. Harry got his own pillow and blanket and got very comfy. We listened to a bedtime story and then the lights were turned out and we said ‘goodnight Monkey class.’ We were all very relaxed and we are sure Hayley even started to snore.

We got a little bit wet when we learnt about the bathroom. We explored the different things you might use in the bathroom. We learnt to wash our faces and hands by following a visual schedule. Osman investigated how sponges, lofas and flannels could be used by squashing and squeezing them. When we examined the different sorts of sponges we noticed that they made lots of bubbles so we did some ‘bubble bath art’ by blowing bubbles into a special paint mixture. Josef blew some really big bubbles! We also learnt that the bathroom is the place where you brush your teeth. We all practiced using a toothbrush and afterwards our teeth were sparkling white.

Welcome to Monkey Class

Two of us little Monkeys are in school for the first time as we are in Reception, the other four are in year one. Our teacher is Hayley and the teaching assistants are Gemma and Alison.

We have all been settling into our new class really well, and we are enjoying getting to know one another and finding our way around the school. Our confidence is growing every day as we get used to our class routine and each other. We are all very active and like keeping busy. We love being outside in our playground area, playing on the bikes and scooters and digging in the sandpit.

We all enjoy singing and we have been learning our ‘hello’ song in the mornings. This is also helping everyone to recognise photographs of themselves and their new classmates and to learn everybody’s names. We have also been busy learning all about our class animal and we have been sharing the book ‘Not Me Said the Monkey’ and joining in with the song ‘5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the bed.’ We have become really good at copying the actions to the song and find it really funny when we have to pretend to bump our head!

We are looking forward to starting our Autumn topic ‘Knock Knock Who’s There?’ We will be focusing on a different book every two weeks and we will be starting the topic with ‘The Three Little Pigs.’ We are wondering if the big bad wolf will come knocking on our classroom door!