September 2018

Koala class have had a great start to the year and are settling in well to their new classroom, getting to know each other and all the staff; Beth and Joanne are the class teachers, with Gemma, Dora and Hannah who are the teaching assistants.  All the children have been showing us their favourite activities which means we can plan exciting lessons tailored to their preferences. 

Everyone has loved using a wide variety of equipment in the room next door to the classroom - the quiet room.  They have all been working on their gross motor skills and exploring the different equipment to help them be ready for lots of fun learning.  You can tell by Luke’s beautiful smile that he is alert, ready to go and having lots of fun spinning in the cone!  

The children have also been taking advantage of the September sunshine and enjoying their learning outside.  You can see Ismah here continuing her gross motor skills practise, climbing her way across the stepping stones. 

Francesca was intrigued by foamy soap, when washing her hands and Flyn impressed us all with his baby bathing skills when one afternoon was spent working on some of their very important self-help skills.  

Koala class all enjoyed having a turn at choosing different vehicles, counting down from 3, letting them go and seeing how far they went.  They also chose different ways to make marks with paint.  You can see Keira using a ridged roller to paint Dora, or rather her outline!   

What a great start for Koala class. We look forward to sharing this year’s journey with you.