February 2018

This half term Koala class have been learning all about farm animals in their topic ‘Fun on the Farm’. At the start of term a real life farm came to visit with lots of different animals. The pupils loved meeting the animals, even getting to hold them and stroke them! The guinea pigs and the rabbits were their favourite animals. The pupils have been working hard to learn the names of the different animals, where they live and the sounds that they make. One favourite game that the pupils play involves listening to an animal sound then working out which animal is making the sound. They then have to find the correct toy animal or symbol to match the sound.

Koala class have had the fantastic opportunity to go rock climbing this term at Fort Purbrook and they have loved every minute of it. They have been developing their climbing skills with all of the pupils doing some independent climbing on the climbing wall. Each week they have a different challenge usually involving finding different toys and retrieving them from the climbing wall. The pupils have been getting braver each week, climbing a little higher with the help of the climbing instructor Steve and the Koala class staff. Next half term they will have the opportunity to climb up the wall using ropes and a harness to see how high they can get! Watch this space!

December 2017

Koala class have had a very busy autumn term and have completely settled into their class with their new friends. As well as continuing to get to know the routines of the school the pupils in Koala class have been working hard, making friends and learning lots about each other.

During friendship week the pupils spent lots of time doing activities, playing with their friends and learning about their friends’ likes and dislikes. They all made friendship biscuits for friends both in Koala class and in other classes around the school. In PE lessons the pupils learnt how to help each other use the gymnastics equipment, they held their friends hands whilst they balanced on benches and encouraged them to keep going.

Koala class also spent some time learning about the book ‘The Rainbow Fish’ and how the Rainbow Fish learnt to be kind and share with his friends. All the pupils made their own rainbow fish models to give to a friend and made a model to keep for themselves. At the end of the week the pupils gave the models to their friends to take home

Welcome to Koala Class

In Koala class this year there are currently 5 children, 4 boys and 1 girl. This is their first week in Koala class and they have already had such a busy first week! The children have been getting to know their new classmates and the members of staff, and have been exploring the school to learn where everything is.

The children have been spending lots of time learning outside exploring a range of exciting resources in their outside area. This week the children in Koala class have had their first PE lesson. They were learning how to follow instructions along to music and have done some wonderful group dancing already.

On Friday the children took part in their first ‘Team Day’ of the year. They spent the first part of the day in their own classrooms doing different coloured activities then had the chance to visit different classrooms around the school and take part in activities involving their team colour. There were so many things to do including building with coloured bricks, playing with coloured goo and icing coloured cakes! Yum!