February 2019

Koala Class have had an exciting start to the year. They are thoroughly enjoying our topic of ‘Messy Mixtures’.  On our topic launch day, we learnt how to clean the floor and wipe the tables clean, and we all experienced a range of mixtures as well as creating our own ‘messy mixtures’.

Our first focus was balloons, which we filled with water and paint to create water balloons which were thrown at the target. This activity was Flyn’s favourite. We have also taken the balloons swimming; Luke loved playing with them in the pool and throwing them to an adult. We have also used them to create our own hot air balloons, along with baskets made from lolly pop sticks. We found our own photograph and put it into our basket.

Our second focus was snow and ice. We used glitter and beads to create our own ice sculptures, and used natural resources to create sculptures which were displayed on the field.

On Friday 1st February we arrived in school and there was snow!  We played with the animals in our sensory tray which this time had real snow in it! We all practised putting our own coats and wellington boots on, before all running out onto the field. Keira particularly enjoyed mark making in the snow, while Ismah enjoyed making and throwing snow balls at the adults! We also learnt to work with a friend and move ice around a tray to create a piece of art work.

We have also learnt about hot and cold, and experienced a range of object through feely bags. We melted ice using salt and rescued jelly babies which were stuck in the ice!  In Maths we have been learning about full and empty, and transferring this skill to sand, using a jug to pour our drinks at lunch time.

Koala class have also been out and about in the local community. We visit the local shops weekly, where we buy food for our snack and food time lessons. We are all given a shopping list and go into the shop to find what we need to buy.

Each week Koala class have enjoyed ‘bucket time’, where we are all learning to join in. Francesca’s favourite activity is ‘musical rain’; she enjoys watching the glitter and rice fall on top of an umbrella!  All the children enjoyed joining in with our song.

Koala class have had a fabulous start to the new term. There have been many ‘first’ moments, such as all getting off the bus to visit the shop, as well as taking turns at the park on different equipment.

Koala class are very excited about our next topic focus which involves mud!