Welcome to Koala Class! Four of us little Koalas are in school for the first time as we are in Reception year, and we have one member of the class who is in year 1. Our teacher is Hayley and the teaching assistants are Charlotte and Pip.

We have all settled into our new class really well, and we are enjoying the new routines, especially singing ‘hello’ together in the morning. We are getting used to being in a new environment and with new friends and are learning to find our way around the school now. We are getting very brave and growing in confidence all the time, as we learn to communicate with new people.

Our class story, ‘Knock Knock, who is in Koala Class?’ has been helping everyone to recognise photographs of themselves and their new classmates and to learn everybody’s names. We all like playing outside and being very active, so we are really looking forward to visiting the local gymnastics centre in the Spring term.

Spring Term 2017

Koala class have been enjoying this terms topic ‘Over the Rainbow.’ We have been focusing on a different colour and book every two weeks. So far we have read ‘I spy Something Yellow,’ ‘The Big Red Bus’ and ‘Harold and the Purple Crayon.’ We have been learning to sort and match by colour, mix colours with paint and we have even tried a bit of cooking with colour!

Although we have all been enjoying learning about each colour and book, our favourite so far has been the ‘The Big Red Bus.’ In English we learnt to read and match the symbols to the book and in Maths we were learning to count how many people were on the bus. There was even a big red bus for us to play with!  We also had great fun making our own ‘big red bus’ in DT. First we tested and selected the different materials to use to make our bus, we then used glue to join the different materials together and finished it off by painting it red. It looks just like the ‘big red bus’ in the book!  We are very proud of it and it is now on display for the rest of the school to see.

We are now looking forward to moving on to the next couple of books ‘The Blue Balloon’ and ‘Go Away Big Green Monster.’ We wonder if we will be making our very own ‘big green monster?!’

Spring 2

Koala class were lucky enough to go to the Portsmouth Gymnastics Centre this half term for P.E. They had great fun practising and improving their gymnastics skills. Over the weeks the pupil’s confidence grew and they were soon all eager to access the equipment independently.

Danny confidently jumped along the trampoline from a standing start, jumping from one end to the other. With some encouragement, Danny was able to jump into the foam pit.

George was brave enough to attempt to swing himself on the suspended rings. He was nervous to go on the rings initially but he soon conquered his fears and went back for more!

Flyn was able to climb up on to the high beam. He was able to travel along it, using his arms to help him balance. Once he reached the end Flyn fearlessly propelled himself into the foam pit!

Harry loved jumping as high as he could on the trampoline. Charlotte helped him to use his arms to control his movements to make himself go higher and higher.

Nathan enjoyed running along the tumble track a fast as he could. He was able to gain enough speed and momentum to run and jump into the foam pit.

It really was so much fun and it was great to see the pupil’s confidence and independence grow so quickly. They are now ready to put some of the skills they learnt into practise during their P.E. lessons at school.

Summer 2017

Koala class have dived straight into the summer term with a big splash! This terms topic, ‘Splish Splash Splosh!’ started with a whole lower school theme day.  It was a very wet and wonderful day. We took part in the water obstacle course, joined drain pipes up to make the water flow and made beautiful bubble print artwork. Our favourite activity had to be the water obstacle course. We went round not once, not twice but three times in a row!  Harry and Danny were great at carefully holding their cups of water as they walked along the benches.

Once we had all dried off after the theme day we started our first book of the topic ‘Big Red Bath!’  It is a story about Ben and Bella who are enjoying their bath when all of their animal friends want to jump in and join them!  In English we have really enjoyed sharing the story and we have been learning to write simple sentences to describe a picture with symbols. Nathan wrote some great sentences with symbols to describe which animals were in the bath. In Maths we have been counting the animals in and out of the bath. Flyn did some fabulous counting by matching the correct amount of animals to the numeral.

As scientists we have been investigating different objects that float and sink. We collected objects of interest from around the classroom and then tested what would happen to them when we dropped them into a tank of water. George watched carefully as he put each object into the tank.  We have also enjoyed a sensory science story called ‘The Puddle.’  It is a story about a boy that finds a puddle, dips his toe in and then jumps right into it!  So far we have investigated making puddles, drawing around puddles and of course splashing in puddles too!

Alongside all of our wonderful learning in English, Maths and Science we have even had time to fit in our weekly trips to the Portsmouth Gymnastics Centre and to the forest with Fran!  Forest school is a new experience for us all but we have all been taking it in our stride!