Kangaroo class have had a great start to the year. This year Kangaroo class has seven pupils, four of whom are new to Cliffdale. We have been really busy getting to know each other, our class routine and finding our way around the school. We have been sharing a book called ‘Knock Knock Who is in Kangaroo Class?’ Vincent and Ava really enjoyed looking at everyone’s photographs and seeing who is hiding behind each door! Our photographs have also been hidden in shredded paper, oats and flour. Charlie was really good at looking really carefully for them and it has helped us to get to know everyone’s names!

Our favourite lesson of the week so far has been Bucket time! Tyler gets really excited as soon as we start to sing the bucket song and we all can’t wait to see what toys are in the bucket each time. Summer really liked the noisy toys whilst Ruby liked the big bubbles that we all had a go at popping.

We ended our first week in Kangaroo class with our very first team day. We painted a t-shirt template in our own team colours, played some parachute games and had a go at sorting some objects into the correct team colours. Marwan loved the colour posting box task, he did it over and over again!

We are very excited to be starting the year off with our topic ‘Head Shoulders Knees and Toes.’ We are going to be learning all about our different body parts and what we can do with them!