Hello everyone and welcome to Kangaroo Class! There are eight children in our class, and three of us are in year 1 and four are in year 2. Beth is our teacher and Gemma and Heather are the teaching assistants.

We are enjoying our new class, and we are making friends and getting to know each other really well. We are learning to share games and communicate together.

This term has been exciting for us as we have had weekly trips in the school minibus up to Fort Widley to go horse riding – an activity which was new to many of us! We have also enjoyed going swimming each week and have enjoyed being out and about, keeping active and busy! One of our other favourite places is the school library and some of us are beginning to have favourite books which we like to borrow and take back to our classroom to enjoy.

We were all very proud to have performed in the school Christmas show, and many of us were able to learn all of the songs… singing them to our families at home lots too!

Next term we are all looking forward to a weekly trip up to Fort Purbrook to develop new skills at the climbing centre!

Spring Term 2017


Kangaroo Class are loving the new topic ‘Over the Rainbow’!  They started the term off by learning about all six colours that will be covered in more detail in the weeks ahead; orange, blue, purple, green, red and yellow.  The class began the term with blue, they read and followed ‘The Blue Balloon’ bookAdian enjoyed watching the balloon being blown up and then let go, seeing it swirl all around the room!  Freddie learned about big and small, as he ordered different sized blue balloon pictures. 

The next colour was, green.  The book to go along with this colour was called, ‘Go Away, Big Green Monster’.  The story was a hit with the whole class!  Caleb was especially taken with the book and could be heard reciting parts of the story around the classroom throughout the day.  He made the ‘Big Green Monster’ out of coloured card, by copying a model.  10 Green Bottles was a popular maths lesson; Leah was able to sing the whole song, counting backwards from 10 and knocking all the bottles off the wall, with delight! 

Kangaroo class finished the first half of the term off with the colour orange.   This colour had no book to follow so the class had to write their own one!  Daisy was able to write sentences using symbols about lots of different orange pictures, and Harry read and matched orange words using the Interactive Whiteboard.  There was also plenty of orange art, science and geography activities to do.  Ben and Connie made a ‘goldfish’ out of a paper plate and mixed together red and yellow paint to make orange. 

The class are looking forward to seeing what great things there are to learn after half term about; yellow, red and purple! 

Spring 2

Kangaroo Class continued with the topic ‘Over the Rainbow’ during the second half of the spring term, beginning with the colour yellow.  The book to accompany the colour was ‘If I Were a Bee…I’d Dance on a Sunflower’ by Dolores Keanevey.  This prompted a whole range of learning and activities around bees and sunflowers.  Ben is writing a sentence about how many bees he can see on the sunflower and Caleb counted out sunflowers to the matching number.  The class also made a ‘yellow’ display for the corridor, Freddie made a sunflower using a paper plate and painted bubble wrap brown for the centre of the flower.

The next two weeks focused on red.  The whole class loved the book ‘The Big Red Bus’, allowing everyone to use coloured vehicles as their tool for learning. Leah learned to read a variety of symbols and matched them to an adapted version of the book.  Connie did an amazing job of writing a really long sentence about the different amounts of coloured buses she could see “I see 3 blue buses and 5 yellow buses”!

The final colour to round off the topic was purple.  The book for this colour was ‘Harold and his Purple Crayon’.  Adian concentrated hard on following the wavy lines, using purple paint and a paintbrush, just like Harold had done in the story.  Daisy sorted and counted all the coloured crayons into matching packets and then recorded how many there were of each.

What a great term!  Everyone enjoyed the topic and learned so much through all the colours.  What will next term have in store?  Be ready to get wet!

Summer 2017

It’s a new term and a new topic ‘Splish, Splash, Splosh’ everyone is prepared to get very wet!

So far Kangaroo class have enjoyed two watery themed books; ‘Three Little Mermaids’ and ‘The Big Red Bath’.   They have been learning the key vocabulary from the books, this included lots of sea creatures from ‘Three Little Mermaids’.  Connie read and matched all the words to the sea creature symbols.  Everyone practised writing the titles of the books using symbols and Adian began writing some simple sentences from ‘Three Little Mermaids’ e.g. ‘six smiling turtles’.

Ben and Daisy have been using fish and sea creatures to practice their counting skills.  Freddie found out how many cups it took to fill the tube and float the seahorse all the way to the top.   

In science, the class have been following the sensory story ‘Puddle’.   Everyone has enjoyed making puddles, watching them disappear in the sun and mixing in different materials e.g. sand and mud.   Leah loved getting her wellies on and splashing about in the puddles that she had made. 

During the class’s creative work, Harry made a small world underwater scene by adding sand, pebbles, shells, seaweed and sea creatures into a large jar.  Caleb made a watery, paint mixture and added some bubbles to it; he blew them onto paper, creating a lovely circle pattern.