May 2018

It’s a new topic ‘Ready Steady Go!’  The topic has been divided into four focus areas where vehicles travel; rail, road, sea and air.  Kangaroo class began the term learning about vehicles that travel on rails.  Alex put together a variety of different wooden shaped train track parts to make a circular railway.  Once completed, he pushed and pulled Thomas the Tank Engine trains and carriages around the track.  Macie used toy trains with letters on them to match to tunnels, she completed the whole alphabet independently!

Next, the class moved onto learning about what transport travels by road.  Any work about buses seemed to appeal to Kangaroo class!  Neeson was able to number the windows on two buses, sequencing the numerals 1-24 independently.  Amjet copied a model to make a car from large Lego pieces, adding all four wheels, he was then able to push it along.

Alongside all this exciting work in school, Kangaroo class have been lucky enough to go off site, swimming each week.  Every pupil has a different target to work on to improve their swimming skills.  Freddie has been learning to use his arms more and Alfie is desperately trying to dive to the bottom just like Freddie!  The whole class really enjoy the group songs and games to finish off each lesson e.g. Ring-A-Ring O Roses and Hokey Cokey.  This has supported many of the pupils with their water confidence.

As part of the topic Kangaroo class joined Monkey on an outing to Stansted Light Railway.  Everyone got on the train at the platform, waited for the whistle to blow and off they went.  The train ventured through the woods, over a bridge and past the train sheds.  An amazing time was had by all!

March 2018

Kangaroo Class have continued to love the ‘Fun on the Farm’ topic and they focussed on a different animal every fortnight.  During the two weeks they focussed on ‘sheep’, Freddie counted cotton wool balls onto a sheep template all the way up to fifteen!  Everyone got very creative during art sessions, using a cork to print white paint circles and stick lots of shredded paper onto templates, which produced the effect of sheep’s wool.  

The class then moved onto reading and singing Five Little Ducks, this book has been the most popular of the topic!  Amjet used ducks on lolly sticks to count with and everyone made Mallards out of handprints. This book linked perfectly with arts week, as kangaroo class had to focus on the number five for all their pieces of work.  They cooked and decorated cakes for Five Currant Buns, made sensory bottles for Five Green Bottles and made frogs from toilet rolls for Five Speckled Frogs.

The class finished off the topic with an amazing trip Staunton Country Park.  It was a beautiful sunny day and everyone saw so many animals: pigs, cows, llamas, goats and sheep.  Alex was very keen to feed the goats - but not as keen as the goats were to eat his food!  Everyone enjoyed taking turns and driving the tractors round; Keira was an excellent driver. The whole class loved the park, particularly Macie and Alfie who spent ages giggling together on the swing. 

February 2018

Kangaroo Class are loving the new topic ‘Fun on the Farm’.  They started the term off with a fantastic topic launch day.  A visit from a mobile farm was a hit with everyone!  The class was able to get up close and touch a range of farm animals including chickens, goats, ducks and pigs.  The topic then began to follow five focus farm animals and five different animal books.  The class began with a cow and the book Old MacDonald had a Farm.  This was a popular book with everyone, especially when everyone got to sing the song and find the corresponding toy animal.  Freddie also enjoyed counting with these animals and Macie used black spots to count out onto a cow template.  During an art session all the pupils used charcoal as a different mark making tool.  They learnt how to smudge the charcoal to create cow markings and patterns.  Alex was really focused when using the charcoal and he didn’t mind getting a bit messy!

The next animal was a horse.  Neeson was quite precise when playing ‘pin the tail on the horse!’ although he wasn’t keen on wearing a blindfold!  The book to go along with this animal was, Noisy Farm by Rod Campbell.  The class preferred an adapted version of the book, where they learnt about animal noises.  They listened to the sounds and some pupils learnt to the read the words; oink, neigh, moo, baa, quack and cluck.  The class have also been using animals to write sentences about, make repeat patterns and learn about size.  Keira learnt how to do a variety of different animal puzzles during 1:1 time, she now enjoys doing them at choose time.

The class are looking forward to the next animal; sheep and the book On the Farm by Anna Milbourne.

December 2017

Wow! What an amazing term so far, we have managed to fit a lot in and time has flown by. Everyone has thoroughly enjoyed going swimming every Friday and all the Kangaroo pupils have gained so much from this offsite trip. Pupils have been increasing their water confidence and/or practising different swimming skills. Freddie is particularly confident in the water and is able to kick his legs and is beginning to work on using his arms.

The whole of lower school enjoyed their first topic launch day of the academic year. The focus of the day was ‘homes and houses’. The hall was full of tents and dens for everyone to experience going in and out of. A big construction also took place in the hall and Amjet built a tower and a wall using lots of different sized cardboard boxes and blocks. The quiet room was awash with dolls houses and small world play. Alfie had a great time playing with the really large house and all its furniture.

Since the launch day, Kangaroo class have become engrossed in the topic- ‘Knock Knock Who’s There?’ They have read a variety of books linked to the topic and so far their favourite has been an adapted version of a song which they have been learning in music lessons; the ‘House Song’. Alex and Macie have also been learning to count and recognise numbers through the topic. Alex loved listening to how many times the door knocked and Macie counted out different numbers of houses on the street.

Keep going Kangaroo class, there is still plenty to fit in before the end of term!

Welcome to Kangaroo Class

There are seven amazing pupils in the class; five boys and two girls, who are from years one and two. Working with them this year are four members of staff; Beth (the teacher) plus Charlotte, Caroline and Kerrie.

The class have begun the new school year by having fun getting to know each other and learning who’s who! They have also been learning and finding out about themselves, making pictures of faces using fruit placing them where the eyes, ears, nose and mouth should be. During the first week, everyone enjoyed dressing up in front of a big mirror, putting the hat on their head and gloves on their hands, for example. In a maths lesson, the pupils counted and labelled how many fingers in the picture and took off their shoes to count how many toes they’ve got. Kangaroo class have also enjoyed team launch day, everyone is learning what colour team they are in and learning about all the other colours. It was a day full of colour and fun! Everyone wore their team t-shirts and joined in with a range of colourful activities throughout the day.

The topic this term is ‘Knock, Knock Who’s There? Everyone can’t wait to get started to learn all about houses and homes, starting with topic launch day which will be another action packed day!