February 2019

Kangaroo class are enjoying this terms topic ‘Messy Mixtures’ which means we have been getting very messy!   Our favourite book so far has been ‘The Blue Balloon!’  The story is about a blue balloon that Kipper stretches, squashes, squeezes and kicks but it still doesn’t pop!  We have loved investigating all the different things we can do with a balloon. We tried to do all of the actions that Kipper does in the book but our balloons just went POP!  It made us all really laugh though! We have been learning about verbs in English so it was a good chance for us to put all that we have learnt into practice. We then also made playdough and practiced all of the actions like squashing, rolling and squeezing.

In Creativity we learnt how to make papier-mâché to make balloon sculptures. We had lots of fun tearing the newspaper up into long strips. We then tried really hard to dip the newspaper into glue… some of us loved the mess it made! It felt really yucky and slimy! It wasn’t as easy as it looked trying to apply the wet newspaper onto the balloon. Once the glue had dried we painted the balloons in lots of bright colours. We also had so much fun dipping different sized balloons in paint and then printing with them. Our balloon prints are now sitting proudly on display in our Art Gallery in class. Everyone stops to have a look at them.

Alongside all of our topic work we have been going swimming, to the forest and walking to the park once a week. The weeks are just flying by because we are so busy. We are now looking forward to learning all about ice and mud over the coming weeks. We wonder how much mess we can make?!