Welcome to Hippo class! We have all settled in well and are getting to know our peers. Last week we had Team day where we learnt what team colour we was in and participated in lots of fun activities! Lena learnt that she was in the yellow team and coloured her team ‘t-shirt’ in yellow being careful to stay within the lines.

This term our topic is Head, shoulders, knees and toes. This week we have been learning about our feet and looking at the prints that we make in different media. Luke put his foot in the paint and printed it onto the paper commenting “It’s cold!” We had lots of fun learning to follow a ‘feet circuit’ and taking part in the obstacles. Max learnt that he can use his feet to kick the ball into the net and run along the footprints. Today was our Topic Launch day where we did lots of learning in new environments. We learnt to use our senses in the Cliffdale spa. Giorgia-Rose learnt that she can use her nose to smell the different food flavours in the bottle and correctly identified the smell of chocolate. Freya learnt to use her hands to roll the cinnamon playdough to create a nose for her ‘funny face’. Logan and Arfa learnt that they could use their bodies to perform different yoga poses. We have been learning to take turns and share through motivating activities. Daniel learnt to take turns with an adult to post coins into the container.

We are looking forward to learning more about what our bodies can do through activities involving tasting, looking, touching, smelling and hearing as well as using our bodies to travel in a variety of ways. We are going to be very busy bodies!