Welcome to Hippo Class! There are nine children in our class, with five of us being in year 1 and four in year 2. We have welcomed two brand new pupils to the school, and as we are such a sociable bunch, we are all busy enjoying making new friends together.

Angie is our teacher and the teaching assistants are Charley, Charlotte and Adele.

In Hippo class we love to play together at playtime, and we all enjoy a sense of humour, so every day is full of fun and laughter as we learn. We have all really enjoyed our special book this term, “What makes a hippopotamus smile?” This book gave us great opportunities to learn some ‘splishy, sploshy, splashy’ games, and as we have been out kayaking this term that has been great fun!

We all love the fresh air, so it has been fantastic fun being able to go out to Forest School sessions with Fran this term, there is just so much to discover out in the woods! We have also been up to Fort Purbrook to the climbing centre this term.

In the Spring term we are all looking forward to swimming every week, and also working with clay in our pottery sessions with Neil the potter from the Isle of Wight!

Summer 2017

Hippo class have had lots of fun with the great summer topic of ‘Splish Splash Splosh!’  We got a great taste of things to come with our topic launch day; including the chance to throw wet sponges at pictures of Angie and Ashley!  This proved to be very motivating for some of Hippo class, as there were some amazingly accurate hits!  Even the most reserved of us were keen to give it a go!

In science, we have been learning about floating sinking, melting (the big bits take a long time!) and evaporation. We even had a race to see who could make the watermark disappear faster, using hot and cold air from hair dryers.  In maths, we have counted a variety of bugs that could be eaten by a frog and in English, we went fishing to find the letters of our names. We also had a great opportunity to go horse riding. We found out how to take care of a horse as well as enjoying the chance to sit on their back and ride.

During Arts week we investigated art made with lines.  We looked at work made by two different artists Mondrian and Lewitts each of whom made very different style of paintings but both using lines. During the week we used lines in sculpture to make patterns and two different coloured lolly sticks to make beach huts. We had lots of fun and learned new skills especially weaving with strips of wallpaper making beautiful art with lots of lines! We all enjoyed welcoming friends and family to share all of our beautiful art work in our gallery on the Friday afternoon.