September 2018

Hello from Hippo Class! Both staff and children have had a great start to the year! Hippo class has 7 fantastic boys this year, five of whom are new to Cliffdale.  Welcome to Ollie, Olek, Joel, Plamen and Oliver, who join Adian and Ronnie ready for lots of learning and fun with Angie the class teacher and Gemma, Karena and Kay the teaching assistants.

The children are already becoming very familiar with the class routines. They are following simple schedules to carry out work in 1-1 and independent work-stations.  In English we have been working on our listening skills to follow instructions in different spaces.  The children are already surprising Angie with how fantastically responsive they are! In PE Adian proudly showed his new friends his excellent climbing and balancing skills, which will be our focus for this term. In ‘choosing’ the children have been showing staff what they really like to play with including puzzles, trains, cars and books.  

The latest adventure in Hippo class has been joining up with the rest of Lower School, meeting even more new friends and visiting different classrooms on Team Day. There were lots of Team colour themed activities including messy play, art and DT and everyone had a great time!

We are really looking forward to telling you much more about what we get up to as the term goes on!