February 2018

Hippo Class kick started the new year and this half term with a successful topic launch day “On the Farm”. It was a fun filled learning experience from meeting real life farm animals to making some of the teachers into scarecrows!        

Hippos have been swimming every week, building their confidence in the water and enjoying circle games and singing our swimming songs “This is the way we kick our feet, turn around  jump up and down on a Thursday morning”. We have also been practising entering and exiting the pool safely.

During PE sessions we have been focussing on our balancing skills, crossing lots of obstacles and even balancing up high on one leg! We have also been practising how to jump off the equipment and land safely.        

Our Farm topic has continued throughout our learning; in maths we have been counting farm animals and finding the matching number. In English we learnt some new words when labelling farm animals – a pig’s nose is called a snout and its feet are called trotters! In creativity we have been exploring our senses of sight, touch, smell and taste by making our own mud for the pigs to play in, we crumbled shredded wheat cereal and weetabix first then mixed in some chocolate ready break – it was very yucky but very yummy!

December 2017

This term Hippos have been enjoying learning about different buildings as part of their topic. They learned to identify a variety of buildings by their design and even learned to sequence numbers on doors. They also found out a lot about the different uses for buildings; ranging from houses and sheds to shops and libraries.

In this half term they also learned about the contents and uses of different rooms. They started by investigating all the items that can be found in the bathroom and soon went on to explore many different uses for these items. They learnt to bath a baby doll and make toothpaste pictures! Everyone really enjoyed turning Hippo Class into a large bedroom and getting cosy in slippers or dressing gowns. They loved settling down for a bedtime story and quickly snuggled under the duvets or sleeping bags and pretended to sleep. During these activities they also learned to write about themed pictures using words and symbols.

During Friendship week Hippos learned to mix colours with the help of a friend. They made exciting colours which they identified and went on to use to make some abstract art. Hippos also learned how much fun you can have with friends! Parachute games are really exciting when shared with others.

Before we knew it Christmas preparations were underway! Hippos enjoyed every opportunity to wear their Christmas jumpers. They also learned about ‘melting’ snowmen and enjoyed showing off their decorating skills making melting snowman cupcakes, although eating them was an even bigger hit.   

Welcome to Hippo Class

Over the past couple of weeks Hippo class have been getting to know each other. They have explored the classroom to investigate and get to grips with a range of new choosing items. They have been learning about each other’s likes and dislikes and getting to share some of their favourite things including bikes and biscuits.

There have been many first including working together to create a large hippo collage to display in the class. They have also shown off their skills in sponge printing to add to this display! One of the most significant firsts proved to be receiving their first happy hippos, as once they had that one they were very happy to add to the daily collection by achieving great things throughout the day. This concluded with them getting a chosen activity at the very end of the day as a reward! Well done hippos you have made a great start to the term and I’m sure you will continue to learn and achieve more each and every day!