Spring 2019

Messy mixtures have gone from strength to strength this half term. Hippos have learnt lots about snow and ice, seeing how things change and even making beautiful artwork by melting crayons! Hippo’s loved our final book in the term which was all about mud. We have hidden things in mud, we have counted things in mud but most of all we just loved making the mud even more messy by spraying water on it to make it soft and sticky!  We also learnt a lot about cleaning up afterwards!

We have been very lucky to go climbing this term and each and every one of us has set and achieved personal goals. We have learnt to climb up and DOWN, making sure we do it all very safely.  Some children have literally reached new heights climbing to the very top of the wall!   Others have increased their strength and tenacity, trying again and again to reach their favourite toy.

In PE we have practiced throwing and catching, improving our aim at a variety of targets and using lots of different equipment from quoits to different sized balls. We have learnt to share equipment and pass things to our friends when our turn is finished. All in all a very busy term!