February 2019

What a lot of Messy Mixtures!

Hippos’ have learned lots through this fabulously messy topic. It all started with some fantastic activities on topic launch day where we learned everything from making mud pies to cleaning up lots of different mess using water to wash, cloths to wipe and vacuum cleaners to suck up spilled cornflakes!   Hippos really loved using the vacuum, I wonder if they are as keen at home?!

The first book we read was Meg and Mog; this gave us the chance to read and spell some simple words that looked almost the same. We had to look at each letter to make sure we had the right word or symbol to match. We also counted the creatures that went into Meg’s cauldron to make a very messy mixture. We have investigated different materials in science; carrying out our own experiments to test various materials – finding out if they are waterproof or not! We have also begun to learn about the different materials that are used to make toys, and other everyday items.

Thursday afternoons are all about visiting the forest!  There is lots to see, do and learn about and we love to mix up our own muddy mixtures with Fran, along with climbing, exploring and finding the biggest puddles we can jump in!

In PE we have been using the apparatus practising taking turns, climbing and jumping safely. We have also started to improve our throwing and catching skills. This term we are also swimming on a Friday where we have learned to enter the pool safely, join in with some action songs and practice keeping afloat with a woggle! What a busy half term and we look forward lots more messy learning after the holiday.