Spring 2021

This term Flamingo Class have been learning about friendship. We have been sharing toys with each other and taking turns playing lots of games. One of our favourite games is ‘Pop up Olaf.’ We have also been doing lots of cooking together. In school we made pizzas, angel delight and decorated biscuits. The pizzas were delicious and we all chose our favourite toppings. Our friends at home have been making cakes and cheesecakes and sharing these with their families. One of our main focuses this term, has been independence and self-help skills. Both in school and at home, everyone has worked hard to wash their hands more independently. Everyone has also been really determined to change their clothes by themselves and tidy up their own things.

One of our favourite mini topics this term was ‘Birthdays and Parties’. We really enjoyed the sensory story ‘Maisy’s birthday’, where we all got to wear party hats and give out invitations. We also enjoyed counting down the days while reading the ‘How many Sleeps till my Birthday?’ story. We used our scissor skills to make party hats and party decorations in school and at home. We have all been enjoying shop role play with our friends and families. We have been taking it in turns being the shopkeeper or the customer and buying lots of supplies for a party. We also worked very hard at counting out the correct amount of coins to pay in the shop.

During Book Week, we explored the book ‘Aliens Love Underpants’. We dressed up and pretended to be the aliens and also hung all of the underpants on the washing line for the aliens to steal before sorting the underpants by colour and number order.

Flamingo class have had a great start to the year, we have 8 boys in class that have been excited to get started on our new topic ‘The Secret Garden’. We have already been very busy learning all of our new friend’s names and finding our new classroom. We have been doing lots of fun activities linked to Flamingos, including sharing stories, Attention Bucket activities themed around flamingos and making some lovely flamingo art.

We are very lucky to be swimming this term, we all had great fun exploring the pool at Redwood Park Academy.  We have all grown in confidence in the pool already and we are great at following the rules to stay safe when getting in and out of the pool. We really enjoy using the foam woggles in the pool, Muhammad has been very brave and coming away from the edge of the pool on his own with a float. We have also been swimming as fast as we can and seeing who can make the biggest splash by kicking our legs in the water.

We really enjoyed the introduction to our new topic on topic launch day, we went around different areas of the school to explore aspects of the new topic including minibeasts, weather, plants and growing vegetables. We really enjoyed looking for bugs in the environmental area, Josef was great at looking through his magnifying glass to see what he could find. We also loved getting messy and exploring different textures in the mud kitchen.

We can’t wait for lots of new adventures this term and really getting stuck into the new topic.