Hi Everyone….we are Elephant Class!

We are a class of eight boys, and we are all in a range of school year groups, including years one, two and three! We are building great friendships together and although one of us was new to Cliffdale this year, you would not know it, as we are all making friends and getting on so well!

Our class teacher is Zoe, and the teaching assistants are Craig, Caroline and Louise.

We are a busy and active group and all of us love being in the great outdoors, so it has been fantastic to be having Forest School sessions this term with Fran. We find it really exciting to be out exploring and discovering the world around us!

We have been swimming every week this term too, and all of us have become more confident in the water which is great.

As well as being busy we also love music, drama and puppets, and most days we enjoy the afternoon register and communication time being brought to life by the Nellie the Elephant puppet!

We are very much looking forward to the next term when we will be horse riding and climbing up at the Forts, which will be enjoyed by us all!

Spring 2017

We launched the topic with great excitement, we chased colours, mixed colours, got messy and generally had great fun!  There were activities all around the school; running and throwing games in the hall, rainbow jellies to mix and eat in class, paint to mix and create with in the art room, coloured light to explore in the quiet room we even made a rainbow cake! 

Elephant class have loved horse riding in the first half term, everyone was brilliant!  At first we met our horses and did some slow walking, soon after a few lessons, we were trotting, some of us were even steering through obstacles on our last lessons!

We have read a number of books, the Big Green Monster our favourite, inspiring us to make up our own monsters using different colours.  Zac and Areen tried their hand at sewing to great effect!  Our monsters are now in the hallway for all to see, Cliffdale children and staff have commented on how great they are!

For Pancake Day, Elephant class flipped their own pancake then chose syrup or lemon and sugar to add. They were very yummy and some children were natural flippers; tossing their pancake high in the air and catching it again in the frying pan!

The term has already been so much fun but we’re ready for more!

Spring 2

Elephant class have been fully indulging in a colour and a wonderful text every two weeks. There were so many favourites they couldn’t possibly choose!

The children went on lots of hunts around the school looking for their colour of the week, using a variety of methods to record their findings. One week they made a special looking glass to make what they saw look a different colour.  Ben was very quick to note that if you put two colours together they would make a whole new colour!  Blue and yellow to make green, red and blue to make purple. One day they even made a kaleidoscope!

During this term Elephant class really embraced their arty side, they travelled in the minibus every week to a ‘Life with Art’ class run by Lynn Weddel; the children got to create a bird using a montage technique, lots of different animals out of clay and many more creative pieces. The children also liked looking out of the window while they were there because the 8th floor of Wingfield House has a fabulous view of Portsmouth Dockyard!

Another great part of this term was going into the garden with Ed, the children were able to plant their own seeds, nurture them and watch them grow, one day they were really creative, making faces out of their garden materials!  All the produce is doing well and the children are looking forward to keeping an eye on it over the coming weeks.

What a busy term; they even squeezed in Mother’s Day gifts and they’ve now made their Easter hats and are ready for a lovely break with their families.

Summer 2017

Elephant class are really embracing the topic of Splish, Splash, Splosh!  We’re splish, splash, sploshing on the water, in the water and under the water!!

Having 8 boys in the class means they love a bit of healthy competition.  In their 3rd week of kayaking, each kayak had to find rubber ducks in the lake and grab them from the water before the other team got there!   The children used their paddles to paddle into position, then again to scoop the ducks in close enough to catch them. The staff were quite keen to win too!  Sometimes the wind tries to blow them back, but the Elephant children and staff use their muscles to paddle in the right direction. Steve their instructor paddles in his single kayak keeping up and rescuing ducks that have gone astray.  It was not clear who the winners were but what is great is Elephant class are very good at congratulating each other with a sportsman’s handshake. 

Swimming time is a very exciting afternoon; the children rush to get into their trunks and into the pool as quickly as they can!  All the Elephant children are very sensible at getting into the pool, carefully holding onto the rails as they step down the ladder. When in the water they have been travelling in different ways across the pool.  Some children can get across a width with one float, without touching the bottom!  All the children love to put their whole body under the water, some children have worked really hard to put more than their mouth in and are now dunking their whole head in!  This group of boys are also excellent at encouraging and supporting each other, being real sportsmen in lots of ways.

Back in school Elephant class have enjoyed investigating the properties of water, they have made plasticine sink in the water and then they cleverly made it float too!  One group even worked as a team to join their ball of plasticine together to make one big floating piece!  In the environmental area Elephant class were really lucky to see a dragon fly newly emerged from its nymph stage! Only a few weeks into the new topic things have been really exciting and the children still have lots to do in the rest of the summer term.