February 2019

Elephant Class have had two new additions to our family this half term. We are now the proud owners of two male fish, called guppies and they live in a rather lovely home called a tank filled with cold water and pink fish toys! We have called them Meg and Mog, after the book we are learning about in class at the moment. Meg is black and white and Mog is orange and white. They are both tiny, with fins that flap fast in the water when they are swimming!


We took the minibus to Emsworth Aquatic Centre in Drayton to choose our fish. We were learning to follow instructions from the staff, because we were out in the community in a shop and to read instructions about how to look after our new fish. We were told to look with our eyes only and keep our voices low so that we didn’t scare the animals.  As well as looking at all the beautiful fish, different sizes, we also saw many different reptiles including dragons, chameleons, a crocodile, snakes and tortoises.


The man in the shop told us how to look after our guppies.  We have to feed them a small amount of fish flakes every other day and change their water regularly. He also said we could have some more guppies if Meg and Mog settle well into their new home.


The staff in class told us that one of us will be able to feed Meg and Mog every other day, which is so exciting!  Apparently some fish will take food straight from a human’s hand; we are waiting to see if Meg or Mog might!


Have a lovely half term everyone!


Elephant Class