Spring 2019

We have loved learning about Messy Mixtures this term, in particular learning about the book ‘Superkid’, who was a school boy by day and a Superhero by night!

In Maths, we counted superhero masks and matched shapes onto superhero capes!  We also measured the length of superheroes with multilink! In English, we used symbols to write sentences about superheroes, describing the colour of their boots and masks and the size of their capes. We also learnt new topic words including mask, Superkid, boots and fly.

In our topic work, we designed, painted and modelled capes, masks and Superhero pants! We talked about what material made the best capes and collaged lots of different material onto large pieces of paper and explored their textures, to see if they were waterproof and if they were strong. We chose our favourite shape and selected black or white paint and then painted the shape on the back of our capes. We used symbols to choose our Superhero name and our special power.

We also learnt about testing materials and investigated how strong an egg was! We dropped an egg onto different surfaces from a height and predicted if the egg would break or not break – we dropped one egg onto Lego and another onto a cushion! We also wrapped eggs with different materials to investigate which material was best to protect the egg from breaking! It turns out that tissue paper isn’t a very good protector but lots of thick fluffy material and a roll of sellotape are!