September 2018

Hello everybody and welcome to Elephant Class!!  Time certainly flies by when we are all having so much fun! There are lots of things to share about everyone in Elephant Class so let’s introduce ourselves!

There are 9 children in Elephant Class, all boys! Alfie, Alex, Ben, Harry, Jacob, Jude, Livai, Oscar and Zakk. We said a big hello to our new friends Jude and Zakk. Five boys are in Year 2 and 4 boys are in Year 3.

We have had a busy few days in Elephant Class. We have been reading a book about an elephant called Elmer. We decorated elephants with chalk, watercolours and crayons and then turned them into placemats for our dinner. We made an Elmer stained glass window from tissue paper and tracing paper and hung them on the classroom windows to catch the sunlight.  We have been working on our Maths and English skills, writing sentences, matching symbols and counting out toy elephants!  We also counted out coloured sweets onto a biscuit which we took home as a treat and explored patterns of shape and colour.

Outside we have been getting to know new children in other classes, playing games on the MUGA and sharing the trikes.

We are all looking forward to the new term ahead and all the fun we are going to have learning about our topic ‘Colour Magic’.  The staff team asked the class what they were excited about being in Elephant Class (verbally and through symbols).

Alfie – “playing with shapes”

Alex – “dancing”

Ben - “Elephant Class”

Harry - “bucket”

Jacob - “bucket”

Jude - “making new friends and having hot dinners”

Livai - “PE”

Oscar - “horse riding”

Zakk - “Cliffdale!”