February 2018

Elephant class are really embracing our topic of Fun on the Farm. It all started off with the Farm coming to Cliffdale! The children were able to get into pens and up close to different animals, they could even touch them if they were brave enough. They could feel lots of different textures such as feathers, fur and wool. Elephant class have sung about all the animals, read about them and really studied sheep and chickens. The topic has only just started and the children are excited about all the learning there is to come.

Elephant class have welcomed our new classmate Thomas, so they are now a group of 8 boys and 1 girl. Thomas has settled in brilliantly and made lots of new friends in Elephant Class and other Cliffdale classes. They are really pleased Thomas came to Cliffdale!

Horse riding has been one of our highlights this half term. We are especially proud of Caleb who got on the horse for the first time ever! He was very cautious in previous years but February 2018 was his moment. Since then he has progressed even further, getting more and more confident, what a start to the year Caleb well done! The horses, Dandy, Fru and Timmy, have been great at letting all of Elephant class sit on them and ride around. They have even been able to step over poles and pick up and drop off hoops and beanbags. Lisa and the team at Fort Widley have been really great!

Back in class the children have loved reading lots of different books. They especially loved reading from one of their favourite authors, Julia Donaldson. Last term was ‘A Squash and a Squeeze’, this term was ‘What the Ladybird Heard’. There are plotting thieves and cunning animals and the children have loved it, they even acted it out! We’re hoping to focus on Julia Donaldson for World Book Day in March!

This half term has also been great for getting to know other classes around school. Elephant class teamed up with Koalas and they have been playing together, taking turns and learning with their new friends. The older Elephants have set a fantastic example showing the others how to play successfully and have lots of fun. 

There is still so much to fit in before Easter and Elephant class have lots planned for the next half term.

December 2017

Elephant Class have had a fun filled half term. So many things have been happening it’s hard to know where to start!

Elephant Class have really enjoyed the topic ‘Knock, Knock, Who’s There? They’ve learnt lots about different homes and enjoyed some great stories. The week they studied ‘Squash and a Squeeze’ by Julia Donaldson was very memorable; that song is so catchy it never left our heads! You can check it out on YouTube if you want to sing along.

Last week the children went on a trip around Southsea. They noticed lots of things from their treasure hunt; houses, flats, balconies, post boxes, a museum and they ended up in the park.

The children have also continued to enjoy swimming, it’s a firm favourite with Elephant Class and will be missed in the Spring Term.

The Christmas show is nearly ready and the children have been getting lots of costumes and props ready. They are all looking forward to showing off their singing and dancing! Then it will be time for a fun Christmas break and everyone will be back for an even more exciting Spring term!

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