Spring 2021

What an odd start to the year! Learning in 2021 took all different forms; it was a real challenge in so many ways but a challenge we faced together and had some great fun in the process. Overnight parents became teachers again and teachers have had to quickly develop their technology skills.

We have loved seeing photos from home coming in, Freya S looks like she had an amazing time with Mum and Dad joining our Live Learning sessions as well as her own crafty, science activities. Her Mum and Dad, like so many others, certainly deserve a gold star! Osman also loved joining in with our Live Learning, he loved singing and catching up with his friends in school. Freya W has enjoyed walking around her new neighbourhood, playing ‘I Spy’ with her brother. She has even been making sandwiches all by herself! Woody looked like he had a brilliant time in Scotland and we enjoyed watching the videos and photo he sent in.

In school we had a great opportunity to make some special things. We produced our own version of a book ‘Friend of Mine’ originally written by a Cliffdale teacher.  We made it our own with Alpaca pupil photos. Next, we made our very own video of the sequel; ‘Friend of Mine 2’. It was such great fun and we will be able to share it with our friends across Lower School when they want to read the book. We learned who liked toast and who preferred a roast!  Who liked puddles and who preferred puddles! Sometimes it was very hard to choose! Oliver definitely likes cuddles and the photo showed Brandon and Theo loving puddles.

But the best thing of all was having everyone back in class on Monday 8th!  Albie was so pleased to see all his friends back together!

We are delighted to have all the children back at school and Alpaca class have already settled into school life again very quickly!  We love our new classroom with its own garden which is full of fun activities. We have learned each other’s names and got to know some information about an Alpaca. We have particularly enjoyed reading some books about Alpacas by Matt Cosgrove. The most popular one was our first read; ‘Macca the Alpaca’.

We have been lucky that the sun has still been shining and it’s been the usual warm September which has been perfect for a spot of kayaking!  Some children had not been before but they weren’t worried; everyone got straight in and paddled off. Some children liked splashing each other too…Albie, Theo and Woody! Luckily the staff agreed it was a great idea to cool down too! We can’t wait to paddle every week and hope the weather holds out into October.

Topic launch day for ‘Secret Garden’, was a recent highlight. We built a giant beanstalk in the hall and made some yummy chocolate flower pots.  We also spent time in the environmental area searching for creatures that live there, some were hiding under logs and some were out on show. Logan found a baby slow worm and Oliver found a newt. Freya W and Brandon found a huge slug!  Woody looked carefully at a minibeast with wings and told staff it must fly! Freya S matched lots of minibeasts on her hunt checklist and the magnifying glasses were great fun to use.  Lastly we planted some cress seeds, now all we have to do is watch and wait for them to grow.