Spring 2021

Turtle class started the year by welcoming four new children Arthur, Charlie, Albert and our Meadow. They have settled in brilliantly and all the staff are really looking forward to introducing them to their new friends as everyone returns to school.

Although this has been a very different type of term in Turtle Class we have really enjoyed learning about our topic “Can We Build it?” at home and at school. Turtle Class have certainly proved they can build it by learning how to fix, join and build with lots of different construction toys. Reggie has learnt to make a tower by stacking giant construction bricks. Bethel has learnt to push Popoids together to create animals, Jools has been developing his hand strength by twisting together play nuts and bolts and Arthur can now follow visual instructions to build a sandcastle.

As part of our topic Turtle Class have been exploring traditional stories such as “The Three Little Pigs”. We have built houses from sticks, straw and bricks, sorted collections of wolves and pigs and used the pig theme to inspire our cooking by making biscuits and pizza with the staff. Ruby-Rose has developed her mark making skills and is now able to paint on a target area to make a paper plate pig face. At school we all had a wonderful time using rollers and large brushes to paint our very own ‘little pig house’. This also helped develop our shoulder strength whilst we played.

Turtle Class have been really busy at home this term. Rocco has been using construction vehicles to scoop and transport ice as part of his home learning. Liliana joined in with live learning sessions each day and is now starting to talk to staff when online and join in with the “hello” song. Harrison has been practising completing insert puzzles and showing off his new skills at school. Kissima has been spending time each day completing his posting and stacking tasks and Aurora has been using symbols to make requests at home with her family.