Spring 2021

Starfish Class welcomed four new members this term: Louie, Benjamin, Jonathon and Dexter. The topic this term has been ‘Can We Build It?’ Everyone has been very busy at home and at school. The children have been painting, building models, learning about construction vehicles and listening to the story of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”.

A big part of the ‘Can We Build It?’ topic has been painting! Fabian and Ivan painted cardboard boxes to create a yellow digger. All the children have enjoyed dressing up and joining in the actions to the Yellow Digger song. Some of the children followed instructions to paint diggers and trucks, and when we read “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” they followed instructions to paint bears. Look at the fantastic bear Mallic painted!

The painting continued at home too, Hayden was really proud of the bear he painted with Mummy.

There has been a lot of building work happening in Starfish Class. The children built a long train track which travelled all the way around the classroom and a tower that was taller than themselves. They have learnt to screw and unscrew play nuts and bolts and match shapes and colours to make their models with Duplo and Mobilo. George copied the repeating pattern from the photo and John created his own brick wall with the tiny bricks and trowel. Outside Harry tried really hard to move the sand with the sit-on digger.

Starfish class love making music! George has been a superstar joining in with signing all the songs during our live learning sessions and Louie has been making music with bells. Everyone is looking forward to creating some houses and getting messy with lots of different materials in the next few weeks!