What a fantastic start to the year! The children in Mauve room have impressed us all and settled into their new classroom very quickly.  By the end of their first week they had started to familiarise themselves with the staff, other children and daily routines.  All the children are confident and happy to be collected from their parents and brought into school by a member of Mauve room staff.

Children and staff alike have been enjoying the wide range of opportunities and activities on offer, with a particular favourite, being our visits to the Sensory and Soft Play rooms.  The two rooms in addition to being fun and interesting, have encouraged the children to explore and investigate.  Henry and Noor have both spent a long time watching the lights and bubbles change colour.


We have been making the most of the last of the summer weather and spent most of our mornings outside.  Individual favourite activities include the ducks in our outdoor area, which Milena plays with each morning and is only distracted if someone is holding the iPad as she likes to smile at the camera and loves to have her photograph taken!  Jaxon is always on the lookout for a ball and has impressed everyone with his hand eye co-ordination and control when bouncing his chosen ball!  Meanwhile Huey has appreciated all opportunities to use the bikes and also enjoys running in the garden especially through the tunnel.

I am looking forward to a busy, exciting and fun year with the children.