Spring 2021

What a different and unexpected start to 2021 it has been for everyone! However, it hasn’t prevented Dolphin Class from making lots of progress and having fun along the way. The children have thoroughly enjoyed the ‘Can We Build It’ topic and have taken full advantage of all the exciting activities that have been on offer at home and in school. Gerard made a spectacular playdough troll model inspired by the Three Billy Goats Gruff story and there were bridges of all shapes and sizes made from a wide variety of equipment including in P.E.

Learning about construction vehicles has been a particular favourite. Oliver carefully drove a road roller following the lines in the classroom, Paddy explored the lifting function of the crane and everyone enjoyed driving a selection of vehicles through mud, shredded paper, gloop and water.

Live learning has given Dolphin Class lots of new experiences. Reuben demonstrated high levels of excitement as he joined the class Bucket session from home and Paddy always made a special effort to go up to the camera to say, “Bye-bye”, to his friends and staff at the end, it was lovely!

Everyone has worked so hard on their communication skills both in school and at home. Zayn has been practising requesting snacks at home and Ara has enjoyed using an aided language board to request cars during his choosing time. The sight of happy faces of children who had received what they have requested has been superb!

On the most recent trip to the Environmental Area the children discovered frog spawn in the pond and spent lots of time examining it closely. It is going to be so exciting watching it change over the next few weeks!


Welcome to Dolphin Class
Dolphin Class have had a brilliant start to the year! We have six happy boys who are excited and ready for all their activities. We have been working on settling in and establishing new routines in our new classroom area and getting to know each other as a class team. We have been building relationships with the staff who work in Dolphin Class. Our topic this term is ‘Spots, Stripes and Scales’ and we started by learning all about Dolphins. We decorated lots of dolphins for a display board in our room!
We have made the most of all the opportunities to explore the fantastic areas around the school. The highlight has been the fabulous new play equipment in the playground, but we also loved seeing a frog jumping in the environmental area! Reuben discovered the joy of pushing a wheelbarrow around (it is much harder than it looks).
In the classroom, Oliver and Paddy worked as a team to build and then play with a marble run tower during choosing time. Gerard particularly loved exploring the texture of Gellibaff, measuring and pouring it from different containers. Zayn enjoyed printing with different equipment and ringing the bell on the pirate ship climbing frame in the quiet playground. Ara has made us all laugh with his infectious excitement for everything we do in school!