We have had a lovely first week in Blue Class and are now quite settled in our new classroom.  We have started to get to know each other and the new adults in our new room.  We have been exploring the toys in our classroom to find our favourites and learning where we put our bags and coats in the morning.  We have had lots of fun exploring the light room where Robert and Saihamul tried to pick up the fishes as they were projected onto the floor mat.  Nina had a big smile on her face as she looked around at the different coloured lights showing her enjoyment of her first time in the light room.   Orion had lots of fun in the soft room where he jumped into the ball pit and laid amongst the balls.   At playtime Blake has been choosing the big tricycle and showing everyone how good he is at pedalling and manoeuvring around objects and Thomas and Alisha have been mark making with paints, chalks and pens.  We look forward to seeing how all of the children in blue room grow and further develop their skills this year.