Our Vision and Our Curriculum

 A:   Curriculum Intent

Trust Vision and Values

Our vision is to ensure consistent, high quality, personalised education that improves outcomes for all children and young people. 

We are committed to work together with our partner schools to: 


  • Provide the highest quality leadership and learning and teaching to enable all pupils to achieve extremely well
  • To ensure each individual pupil achieves their academic and personal targets linked to their Education Health and Care Plans which encompass key skills (English/maths)
  • Create learning environments that are welcoming, stimulating, challenging, motivating, rewarding, safe, caring and fun
  • Encourage creative thinking, research and innovation to find the best ways of helping pupils to learn, communicate and make informed choices and decisions
  • Develop highly skilled staff with a range of expertise and experience that is shared across the Trust
  • Develop strong partnerships with parents, carers and the wider community
  • Manage resources efficiently and effectively for the benefit of all pupils
  • Identify and share expertise across the Trust to support learning communities, both locally and nationally, in their aim to provide a high quality, inclusive education for all.

We drive our vision and values forward through our ambition to contribute further to improving the education offer for all children and young people in our communities, including those with SEN.  Solent Academies Trust has significant expertise and makes best use of partnerships.  In addition to leading The Portsmouth Teaching School Alliance, Solent Academies Trust is commissioned by the local authority to contribute to the Portsmouth outreach service.

In line with all our schools and underpinning our Trust vision and values and replicating our provision and best practice in our schools which cater for these pupil needs, this is described in the context of what our pupils will “be like” by the time they leave the school and how the school will enable this. (see Cliffdale’s vision) 

 Our Curriculum Principles                                                        

The curriculum is designed so that it:

  • Encourages and enables pupils to express preferences, communicate needs, make choices, make decisions and choose options that other people act on and respect
  • Is sequenced according to pupils’ individual needs, their starting points and their long term goals
  • Develops enjoyment of learning, using a creative approach, encouraging high levels of achievement and attainment
  • Is delivered within a climate for learning that is positive, stimulating, challenging, motivating, rewarding, fun/enjoyable
  • Enables pupils to interact and communicate effectively with a wide range of people
  • Recognises and encourages individual talents; having the highest expectations of each pupil through personalised learning programmes linked to their Education, Health and Care Plans
  • Increases pupils’ awareness and understanding of their environment and the world
  • Develops personal self-confidence and self-esteem based on a variety of successful experiences
  • Prepares pupils to play an active role as citizens; developing a healthy, safe lifestyle; developing good relationships and respecting differences between people
  • Prepares pupils for an adult life in which they have the greatest possible degree of autonomy.

 Please read the documents outlining our implementation of the curriculum and its impact in order to gain a complete overview of learning at Cliffdale