Creative Arts

Creative Arts at Cliffdale

From the moment you enter our school, it is clear that the arts are something that excites us and is celebrated throughout. We have specialist staff in music and art, and we employ ‘Artists in residence’ to work on particular projects and to develop staff skills.

The arts come together in whole school activities such as focused Arts Weeks where all lessons have a creative purpose. J Rock, the junior version of ‘Rock Challenge’ gives our older pupils an opportunity to perform alongside their mainstream peers in the community. They are really excited and motivated by this. The arts are also used to enrich student’s extra-curricular activities with clubs in music, art, singing and dance.

The arts provision at Cliffdale Primary Academy enables all pupils to develop capacity for self-expression. The arts curriculum offers wonderful opportunities for pupils to respond to the world around them through visual, tactile and sensory experiences.

The school’s creative curriculum is outstanding. This contributes to pupils’ excellent spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. No opportunity is lost to ensure that pupils make excellent progress in a range of different subjects including art, pottery, sport and music.

Ofsted Nov 2016