Sharon Burt

Sharon Burt
Executive Headteacher and Chief Executive Officer
I am truly privileged to have been appointed to the role of Executive Headteacher & Chief Executive Officer at Solent Academies Trust. Having dedicated over 20 years teaching and leading in a broad range of specialist and mainstream settings in education, I wholeheartedly understand the importance of every child feeling safe, cared for, happy to come to school and access personalised learning in order to achieve their aspirations for a healthy and successful adulthood.
Our highly specialist teams across Solent Academies Trust are committed to maximising opportunities for all pupils to enjoy every day in school, overcome challenges, have positive relationships, and prepare for their future within a safe, consistent, and tailored learning environment.
To make absolutely sure that day to day no stone is ever left unturned for our pupils, our learning community thrives on courageous leadership, collaboration, innovation, accurate assessment, continuous review, and quality assured evaluation.
We are united in our focus and 100% committed to support our young people to build lifelong resilience and experience:

⁃ exceptionally high levels of education excellence
⁃ a listening ear when it’s important to be heard
⁃ equality of opportunity and respect for all members of our valued community
⁃ personalised learning, tailored to each child’s special education needs and disabilities
⁃ healthy well-being, consistency, vigilance, and safety
⁃ compassion and patience in supporting pupils to bravely tackle new challenges
⁃ a progressive and connected journey of learning filled with awe and wonder, happiness, and new experiences
⁃ a relentless effort to help every young person achieve their daily milestones and aspirations for the future
⁃ highly quality specialist education, carefully planned transitions at every stage and appropriate support in line with Education, Health and Care Plans
⁃ a positive and memorable experience at school where achievement is celebrated for children and adults alike
I greatly look forward to welcoming you here and taking time to understand the uniqueness of your child’s journey, the challenges that you may have had to tackle and to spend time with you and our team at school events celebrating your child’s progress and achievements.
We are one Trust, one community, one family. Together we are united in maximising learning, creating opportunities, and transforming lives.
Solent Academies Trust has three outstanding academies and one well on its way to achieving our highest standard. We listen carefully to feedback and work tirelessly to ensure that our pupils and families receive the best possible provision.
The benefits of working together as a team of schools within our Trust are far-reaching.  We have a genuine sharing of expertise, experience and ideas which means that we make the very best of our resources. Collectively we are stronger.  Our staff team and specialist provision is second to none. We harness the opportunities that being in a Trust and a Teaching School brings, both in terms of Joint Professional Development and career development.  In addition, we have strong networks locally and nationally including the Portsmouth Education Partnership and Challenge Partners, to name but two.  Our Trust is likely to grow in the future and I look forward to creating our future together and broadening horizons for all members of our community and new partnerships that promote early intervention and inclusion beyond our Trust.